How tall is Silvio Berlusconi?

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Without his usual shoes, Silvio Berlusconi is 1,67m "tall".
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Who was Silvio Berlusconi campaign manager in 1993?

He controls the media so why should he need a campaign manager? People often think that Berlusconi is an idiot because he says a lot of controversial things but instead I think he's rather a malicious genius that never says just something without reason. To proove my theory: Here are some of h (MORE)

Who is Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi ( help · info ) (born 29 September 1936 ) is an Italian politician , entrepreneur , media proprietor , and is expected to be appointed President of the Council of Ministers of Italy , a position he has held twice before. [2] He is the leader of the Forza Italia pol (MORE)

Is Silvio Berlusconi taking over the European media?

Its surely looks like that. Silvio Berlusconi already controls all the media in Italy. Also the national RAI because he owns almost the whole publicity market. So all newspapers, magazines and television channels are indirectly dependent. I have read that he took over one of the biggest me (MORE)

Is Silvio Berlusconi related to the mafia?

I think he IS the mafia. Vittorio Mangano was a life-sentenced gangster that worked for years for Silvio Berlusconi as horsekeeper at his villa although it seems that there even were no horses. The judge Paulo Borsellino in his last interview called Mangano the mafia link to North Italy. Furthe (MORE)

Why is Silvio Berlusconi so much interested in the British ITV Is the media sector so profitable or is there something more behind this?

It's surely a profitable sector but there are much better ways to invest. Silvio Berlusconi is one of the world richest man so he surely doesn't need it. I consider him a malicious genius so there must be other reasons... He wants to control the European media like he has done with the Italia (MORE)

Does silvio berlusconi speak English?

No. The BBC reported last year (2009) "Mr Berlusconi does not speak English, Mr Obama does not speak Italian, and they will only meet for one hour to discuss preparations for the G8 summit, which Italy is hosting next month."

Has silvio berlusconi got any Jewish ancestors?

No, I believe his father was a Neanderthal and his mother was raped. Of course he is Jewish. Don't we rule the entire planet? We just don't like to make it public. He's the most pro Israeli Italian leader ever and will be a great asset to the empire.

Is Silvio Berlusconi gay?

Of course he is. He knows a sexy man when he sees him. First Obama: "young, handsome and even tanned" Then Rasmussen: "the most handsome prime minister in Europe". But still closeted, alas: "...introduce him to my wife"

What's Silvio Berlusconi relation with the mafia?

I think he is the mafia or at least he is used by the mafia because a man with so many weaknesses can be very easy blackmailed.... Vittorio Mangano , a life sentenced gangster, worked several years for Silvio Berlusconi at his Villa at Arcore(Milan) as stablekeeper although it seems there even were (MORE)

Where does Silvio Berlusconi live?

Currently, the scandal-ridden former prime minister of Italy isunder house arrest in Milan; he is awaiting his fate, having beenconvicted on various charges of corruption, extortion, having sexwith underage girls, etc. He has appealed his sentence and itremains to be seen whether he will actually go (MORE)

Does pm silvio berlusconi of Italy have a natural son?

yes, our research has been able to determine that silvio has a son named fabrizio d.a. berlusconi. fabrizio is a businessman also who lives in Italy, Switzerland, and Calif in the u.s. our research has found out that this is the only natural son of silvio and that this son will be inheritor of the b (MORE)

Who was Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi born 29 September 1936 is an Italian politician , the current Prime Minister of Italy , as well as a successful entrepreneur . He is the longest-serving Prime Minister of Italy, a position he has held on three separate occasions: from 1994 to 1995, from 2001 to 2006 and cu (MORE)

How did Silvio Berlusconi get his start in business?

After he received a law degree from the University of Milan in 1961, he borrowed money from the bank where his father worked and went into real estate development, setting up the companies Cantieri Riuniti Milanesi in 1962 and Edilnord in 1963.

What leadership awards has Silvio Berlusconi won?

Cavalliere del Lavoro, 1977; honorary degree in managerial engineering from Calabria University, 1991; named Man of the Year by the International Film and Programme Market of Television, Cable, and Satellite, 1991.

Why is Silvio Berlusconi called the Cavalier?

Nicknamed "The Cavalier," he was known for living lavishly while catering to populist tastes in entertainment, for emphasizing his status as a self-made man and promoting himself unabashedly.

Who are the children of Silvio Berlusconi?

silvio has only one natural child who is don berlusconi who is anitalian born son born out of wedlock to silvio. other childrenclaiming to be silvios are children who were born to previous wivesof silvio and silvio is not the father of any of them.donberlusconi owns several businesses worldwide and (MORE)

Who is fabrizio berlusconi father?

by way of a search of Italian birth records it has been determined that fabrizio berlusconi father is in fact silvio berlusconi,prime minister of Italy and Italian super rich businessman it has also been determined that fabrizio was born out of wedlock and that fabrizio is the only natural born son (MORE)

Is don berlusconi and fabrizio berlusconi the same person?

through our investigation we have determined that don berlusconi isin fact fabrizio berlusconi. his legal name is fabrizio don-Anthonyberlusconi. he goes by don berlusconi or fabrizio berlusconi. he isthe natural born son of Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi.fabrizio was born in foligno Italy (MORE)

Who is fabrizio don berlusconi wife?

after a research of records in Italy and the united states we have determined that fabrizio don berlusoni, the son of prime minister silvio berlusconi of Italy, was married on November 1,2002 to a vietnamese woman named nga tran from south Vietnam. they were married in Malibu beach California where (MORE)

Where was don berlusconi married?

through our research into marriage records, we have found that fabrizio don berlusconi also known as don berlusconi the only natural son of italy prime minister silvio berlusconi, was married in malibu beach california on 11/1/2002 to a nga t. tran who originally met in the country of vietnam during (MORE)

How can you interview don berlusconi?

Obtain your interview by pretending to want to write a book aboutthe finest leader Italy has ever had. And bring along some youngwomen who lust for power.not true. you can interview him bycontacting his office as i did.

How much is don berlusconi worth?

through extensive financial research we have determined that fabrizio also known as don berlusconi the only natural born son of silvio berlusconi italys most wealthiest man and former prime minister of italy is worth approximately 600 million dollars in u.s. money. he owns serverl businesses includi (MORE)

What properties does don berlusconi own?

through extensive worldwide property records we have determined that don berlusconi successful businessman and son of former prime minister silvio berlusconi owns several commercial and residential properties including : homes in malibu beach calif, zermett switzerland, milan italy, amalfi italy, an (MORE)

How can you contact don berlusconi?

through our research , we have discovered this is a difficult question because don berlusconi, weathly italian businessman and son of former italian prime minister , silvio berlusconi, travels alot and is a very low keyed man who likes his privacy . we have talked to reporters who have tried to inte (MORE)

What country does Berlusconi work in?

Silvio Berlusconi was the Prime Minister of Italy for three separate times. His terms ran from 1994-1994, 2001-2006 and 2008-2011. He was the target of frequent probes and in 2012 was convicted on tax evasion.

What about fabrizio berlusconi arrest in Florida?

\n. we have discovered that fabrizio berlusconi was arrested in orlando florida one time. but, he was quickly released because someone had stolen one of his identity cards and tried to use it. they arrested the wrong person when they arrested fabrizio berlusconi and this case against him was dismis (MORE)

Why fabrizio berlusconi arrested in Florida?

\n. through our investigation we have discovered that fabrizio berlusoni was arrested in florida because somebody stole one of his identifications and tried to negotiate a purchase transaction with is stolen i.d. the state of florida quickly discovered that berlusconi did nothing wrong, released hi (MORE)

Where is don berlusconi Italian businessman?

\n. \n. we have learned that resently, don berlusconi, wealthy italian businessman and son of prime minister silvio berlusconi, was interviewed in florida. this was an interview which he agreed to, and was conducted at a local tv station in florida, which was used to feed back the interview to a t (MORE)

What is don berlusconi like as a man?

through our research into interviews he has had over the years and in talking to some of his employees and to several of those who we know to be his friend, we have learned the following about Italian successful businessman and son of mega rich Silvio Berlusconi,former prime minister of Italy: don B (MORE)

Is don berlusconi still married?

through our investigation, we believe don berlusconi, italian businessman and son of italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is still married. we have had many request for this answer because rumors were out that he divorced. we were able to contact one of his offices in the cayman islands and the (MORE)

How private is don berlusconi?

over the years we have been able to determine that wealthy italian businessman don berlusconi, and son of italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi is an extremely low keyed and private man. he travels quietly and avoids the media and keeps to himself. he is known to stay in hotels off the beaten pa (MORE)

Is don berlusconi and silvio berlusconi now opening business in Bakersfield cal?

through our research of recent , yes don berlusconi highlysuccessful italian businessman and his father former prime ministerof italy and mega rich businessman are opening businesses inbakersfield cal. from our research it appears that they are opeingthe following: . an all you can eat seafood buff (MORE)

Is silvio berlusconi close to his son don berlusconi?

yes, it is now well known that prime minister and italian superrich businessman silvio berlusconi is very close to his son donberlusconi. although they seem to operate many miles apart most ofthe time, it is our understanding through our reporters andinvestigators that they talk almost nightly by ph (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Silvio Berlusconi been in?

Silvio Berlusconi has: Played himself in "Have I Got News for You" in 1990. Played himself in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played himself in "Quelli che... il calcio" in 1993. Played himself in "Quo Vadis Italy" in 1994. Played himself in "RTL Boulevard" in 2001. Played himself in "Citi (MORE)

Who is the only natural son of silvio berlusconi?

the only natural son of former italian prime minister and megawealthy businessman is fabrizio don berlusconi who was born out ofwedlock by his father silvio.don is a very successful wealthybusinessman himself owning several businesses worldwide includingmany businesses he owns with his father silvio (MORE)

Who are silvio berlusconi children?

through our research we have found that silvio berlusconi has 3 children by one marriage and 2 children by another marriage. but, he only has one natural child a son, named fabrizio don berlusconi who generally goes by don. don berlusconi is the only natural son of former italian prime minister,and (MORE)

When you Google don berlusconi name many photos of his father silvio come up why?

there is a couple of reasons for this. first of all if you google the names don berlusconi and silvio berlusconi because you entered 2 names you would get those photos of silvio,his father. also,the name don berlusconi(legal name f.don anthony berlusconi,but goes by don)is attached to his dad,silvio (MORE)

What languages does don berlusconi speak?

through our contacts relative to don berlusconi,wealthy italian businessman and son of mega rich former italian prime minister, we have found that don berlusconi speaks the following languages-reads,writes,and speaks english.his dad sent him to a private school outside of italy grades 1-12 where he (MORE)

How can you meet don berlusconi?

we assume you are referring to wealthy italian businessman and son of the former prime minister of italy sivio berlusconi. this is a tough one to answer because don berlusconi is a very low keyed private man who is very difficult to locate or talk to. he moves around all the time worldwide running h (MORE)