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Without his usual shoes, Silvio Berlusconi is 1,67m "tall".
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Who is Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi (help·info) (born 29 September 1936) is an Italian politician, entrepreneur, media proprietor, and is expected to be appointed President of the Council of M

Who are the children of Silvio Berlusconi?

silvio has only one natural child who is don berlusconi who is an  italian born son born out of wedlock to silvio. other children  claiming to be silvios are children who we

What properties does don berlusconi own?

through extensive worldwide property records we have determined that don berlusconi successful businessman and son of former prime minister silvio berlusconi owns several comm

Where is don berlusconi Italian businessman?

    we have learned that resently, don berlusconi, wealthy italian businessman and son of prime minister silvio berlusconi, was interviewed in florida. this was an int

Is don berlusconi still married?

through our investigation, we believe don berlusconi, italian businessman and son of italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is still married. we have had many request for th

What languages does don berlusconi speak?

through our contacts relative to don berlusconi,wealthy italian businessman and son of mega rich former italian prime minister, we have found that don berlusconi speaks the fo

How can you meet don berlusconi?

we assume you are referring to wealthy italian businessman and son of the former prime minister of italy sivio berlusconi. this is a tough one to answer because don berlusconi

Is don berlusconi and fabrizio berlusconi the same person?

through our investigation we have determined that don berlusconi is  in fact fabrizio berlusconi. his legal name is fabrizio don-Anthony  berlusconi. he goes by don berlusco

Does silvio berlusconi speak English?

No. The BBC reported last year (2009) "Mr Berlusconi does not speak English, Mr Obama does not speak Italian, and they will only meet for one hour to discuss preparations for

Has silvio berlusconi got any Jewish ancestors?

No, I believe his father was a Neanderthal and his mother was raped.    Of course he is Jewish. Don't we rule the entire planet? We just don't like to make it public.

Where does Silvio Berlusconi live?

Currently, the scandal-ridden former prime minister of Italy is  under house arrest in Milan; he is awaiting his fate, having been  convicted on various charges of corruptio
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Is silvio berlusconi interviewing soon with don berlusconi his son?

yes, through our investigation silvio berlusconi will be traveling  to bakersfield cal.to meet up with his son, don berlusconi. they  jointly own businesses together in bake
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Is silvio berlusconi close to his son don berlusconi?

yes, it is now well known that prime minister and italian super  rich businessman silvio berlusconi is very close to his son don  berlusconi. although they seem to operate m
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Who are silvio berlusconi children?

through our research we have found that silvio berlusconi has 3 children by one marriage and 2 children by another marriage. but, he only has one natural child a son, named fa

When you Google don berlusconi name many photos of his father silvio come up why?

there is a couple of reasons for this. first of all if you google the names don berlusconi and silvio berlusconi because you entered 2 names you would get those photos of silv