How tall is Steve Jobs?

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Steve jobs is 5ft. 6in.

Wrong: Jobs is 5'10" or more. He is clearly taller than Bill Gates when they stand next to each other in this YouTube video:

He's 6ft 2in

Steve Jobs that's look 2 or more inches taller than Bill Gates, so he might be like 6' or more tall!
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Who is Steve Jobs?

Steven Paul Jobs was born February 24, 1955 to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali in San Francisco, but was adopted by Justin and Clara Jobs from Mountain View, California. His biological parents later married and had a daughter, writer Mona Simpson. Jobs is most famous as a co-founde (MORE)

What jobs has Steve Jobs had?

Steve Jobs was once is on the board of executives of pixar. Now he is the CEO Of Apple Inc. He founded Apple Inc. and he also founded NeXT and Pixar.

What is Steve Jobs ethnicity?

Steve Jobs's father was an Arab immigrant and came to America in the 50's. His mother was a white speech therapist. Therefore, he is half-Arab, half-Caucasian.

Steve Jobs height?

He's Probably about 6' feet tall or more than that, since he look clearly about 2 or more inches taller than Bill Gates at a meeting were the two were interview ( This can be found in a video showed in Youtube ). Furthermore, he is a 56 year old man, so he might of been taller in his younger adult l (MORE)

Who were Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs?

They both founded Apple Inc. in 1976. (Back in the beginning the company was called Apple Computer Inc., but they got rid of it in 2007 to better reflect their steady but relentless move into the wider field of consumer electronics.) Steve Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs) today still is the Apple CEO and St (MORE)

What did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak accomplish?

Apple™ was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, on April 1, 1976 (and later incorporated January 3, 1977 without Wayne who sold his share of the company back to Jobs and Wozniak. Steve Jobs is the major owner of Apple™. Jobs and one of his friends made the first Appleâ (MORE)

Why Steve Jobs fired?

In 1985 he was fired by John Sculley (who Jobs had asked to come and work at Apple) following a power struggle between Jobs and Sculley and the other Apple directors. Jobs left Apple and set up the NeXT Computer company. In 1996 Apple purchased NeXT for $429 million which returned Jobs to Apple. In (MORE)

When did Steve Jobs sell Pixar?

Pixar later merged with Disney Animation. The Job's Estate still owns a large stake in Disney preferred stock. Can't sell yet estimated $786,000,000 in capital gains tax!

What did Steve Jobs invent or own?

Steve Jobs is co-founder and chief executive of Apple Inc. He introduced many of the gadgets we know today. Check out: The link below To learn more about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs co-founded and was the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, which created some of the most successful and beloved animated f (MORE)

Does Steve Jobs have siblings?

Steve Jobs had two sisters. Mona E. Simpson was the half sister of Steve Jobs. She was born on June 14th 1957 to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali in Green Bay Wisconsin. She studied at the University of California and Columbia. She married Richard Appel in 1993 and had two children (MORE)

What are facts about Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs founder of Apple and Pixars/Disney becam one of the well known scientists of today.He was born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco,California and was soon adopted.He dropped out of college to ease his families funds.And one of the many famous quotes given my him is "I want to put a ding in (MORE)

Steve Jobs conclusions?

steve jobs conclusion is that u have to tell about what u learn and what I learn was that he did not graduate from school couse he didn't finish it so he want us the student to finish the story and never give up

How is Steve job a hero?

he was a superman making ipods, iphone, ipads, macs, itunes, and even my mom. he saved the worl! made the world a better place..

What did Steve Jobs do and what is it About?

You don't know what Steve Jobs did? He is only the best CEO of all times and brought us things like the iPhone and the iPod and the iPad and of course the Mac. There is so much about Steve Jobs, you might have to redefine your question.

Is Steve Jobs a mormin?

No. Steve Jobs is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church).

Is Steve job a robber baron?

No. The term "Robber Baron" dates from the early 1900's when men like Rockefeller, Carnegie , Pullman, Goodyear and others controlled all the economic wealth of the country . Our robber barons now are the bankers and stock exchange as well as the gas companies. When a company makes profits without a (MORE)

How did Steve Jobs die?

Steve Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004. He passed away due to complications from the cancer on October 5, 2011.

Why did Steve Jobs lose his job at Apple?

Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, having lost a power struggle with its board of directors, in 1985. He formed the NeXT company and returned to Apple in 1997 when Apple purchased NeXT.

Which college did Steve Jobs graduate from?

Steve Jobs enrolled in Reed College, Portland, Oregon in 1972 but he dropped out after only one semester. He liked to go to classes that weren't on his schedule and learn about random things like scripture and calligraphy.

Does Steve Jobs have aids?

No. Steve Jobs does not have AIDS. No,He has cancer that was removed in 2004 and then a liver transplant in 2008 and is now on medical leave due to those conditions.

Did Steve Jobs ever get fired from a job?

YES. For a long period from somewhere in the 70s to 1997, Steve Jobs was actually fired from his own company. He decided to start another computer company, NeXT, which he challenged Apple with. Eventually, in 1997, Apple acquired NeXT, along with Steve Jobs, where he took his seat back on the throne (MORE)

Is Steve Jobs anorexic?

No. Steve Jobs is a cancer patient. The combination of the disease and the medication regimen to fight it, tend to leave the patient rather emaciated in appearance.

Why was Steve Jobs so important?

I can think of these things just off the top of my head:... 1. The first commercial Personal Computer (The Apple 2E). It brought affordable computers into people's houses! 2. The first graphical interface with a MOUSE! Macintosh 3. Typography on the computer. He founded FONTS!! 4. The laser (MORE)

Who is Steve Jobs and what did he do?

He is the creator of the company Apple. He is also the current CEO of it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Not any more.. he is dead. RIP

What other jobs did Steve Jobs have?

Steve Jobs created NeXT and Pixar after being fired from Apple(dont even ask how.) After 5 years of work and progress, Applebought NeXT, and Steve Jobs was hired back again.

What jobs does Steve Jobs have?

He was the former CEO of Apple from 1997-2011 after resigning in August and dying in October of that year (the day after the iPhone 4S launch).

What is the job of Steve Jobs?

He founded Apple, he made it better, sadly he died soon after making the Apple Phone 4S so there mabye no more apple around.

Where was Steve Jobs Jobs born?

steve jobs was originally born in syria to syrian parents however his parents couldn't raise him so they gave him up for an american family