How tall is a blast furnace?

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A blast furnace used in steelmaking is about 130 ft or 40 metres.
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Why is blast furnace tapered from bottom of the furnace?

it is tappered to accomodate the gradual volume expansion of the solid charge as it descends through zones of Stack,from top to bottom in the stack the temperature gradually i

What is a slag on a blast furnace?

Slag is the waste which is skimmed off the top of the molten iron that comes out of the blast furnace. It is a mixture of calcium and magnesium compounds, plus other impuritie

What is coke rate in blast furnace?

According to; Coke Rate is measured in Kgs of BF Coke consumed per tonne of Hot Metal produced in the Blast Furnace(Kg/THM). By convention, this excludes coke (nu
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Is blast furnace a batch furnace?

A blast furnace runs continuously, and input materials arecontinually dumped in at the top to make their way down through thefurnace. Shutting down a blast furnace for relinin
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Why is a blast furnace called blast furnace?

how does the blast furnace maintain the heat ? . what is the function of CaCO3 ? . how the slag protect the molten iron ? . why does iron flow down to the bottom / . how