How tall was Pier Gerlofs Donia?

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He was a very big man, as stated in many tales about him. Frisian people are known for their tallness in whole the world, and since he carried a 2,15 meter sword, this is evidence of him being a man of unusual stature indeed. Also, his helmet is kept in the city of Sneek, Frisia, and also indicates his enormous size. The size of his armour and relatives still living as of 1900 give indication for his height to have been at around 7 ft tall. His shoulders must have been enormously broad when looking at his cuirass; this put's his weight at approxamitely 430 lbs.
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Is Pier Gerlofs Donia a cult figure?

Yes , Pier Gerlofs Donia (c. 1480 - 1520) may be considered a cult figure. A cult figure is someone who elicits admiration and inspires a devoted following. The person in question may or may not be part of a religious cult. Regarding Donia, that certainly was not the case. Instead, Donia's followers (MORE)

When the Iranian Shahnameh hero Rostam would have fought in a dual against Frisian freedom fighter Pier Gerlofs Donia who would have probably won?

Rostam and Pier lived in different times, different cultures and among different people; there is now way they couldm have met each other. If they did, it would have been one hell of a sight! You should not forget, however; Rostam was a hero, and Donia was just a man driven insane by the killing of (MORE)

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