How to Audition for major record label?

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Try to get your name out there, make a website with your singing video's on it. Post a video of your singing on youtube, it doesn't have to be a song from you, any song will work. I know I'm having trouble finding one too, but I'm only 14, and that'll be the hardest part, but when it comes true, I'll give advice to a lot more people. :)

You can send demo CDs to the record labels, but there is very little chance of it getting seriously considered (or even listened to)... they get stacks and stacks of demos every week.

If you do send a CD, put your best track on the first track, and it better be a real attention grabber, because they may only listen to the first 20 seconds or so. Send it with a full press kit including photos and a brief bio on the band. The bio should include more just basic info such as age, instruments, and applicable education rather than stylistic details.

To be brutally honest, your only real chance at being considered by one of the big labels is to either already have a huge following, or have a friendly contact inside the label.

Let us tell you a story about an artist who went to Nashville when he had a big following in his state and was rejected since he didn't fit what the labels were looking for at that time.
They also said indirectly that proven financial backing of businesses would help. Like a sports figure gets sponsors too.
So the man went home to his state and found private investors. He then returned to offer the label a deal as other artists had done since & before him.
He then also was a marketing major in college so he knew that if he had his music lawyer in the contract ask for the venue products sales like belts, hats, etc. during the concerts he played many days a year. He then placed his own crew there to work that which eventually made the profits more after expenses were taken from the earnings for venue rental & marketing for the concerts.
Then he made more marketing & promotional efforts to gain a larger fan base until his sales figures gained respect, he paid back the loans, and then he sat & called the shots at a resigning of the contract.
Today he never has to work again with the millions earned from his formal education and not just going blindly into the major leagues without the leverage.
Music is a major business in product, marketing, & sales.
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