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How to Trim washingtonian palm tree?

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http://www.unce.unr.edu/publications/files/ho/2004/sp0416.pdf#search="prune palms"
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How do you trim trees?

Prune when the tree is dormant. Right before buds start to develop. You will need a pair of pruners, loppers, and maybe a saw. Cut any twigs, or branches that cross into each

How do you Trim a traveler palm?

The first step in pruning a travelers palm is to trim off any brown  leaves or suckers. Next, any outer leaves can be pruned to keep it  from spreading.

How do you trim a sago palm?

Trim the Sago palm by cutting back brown or yellow palm fronds  close to the truck. This should be done annually in the fall.

Where are palm trees from?

  There are all different types of palm trees, all native to different countries.   The coconut palm tree is native to the island of Seychelles.   The Bottle palm tr

Do you trim a bottle palm trunk?

Yes, trim the trunk. Just finished mine. What a pain! Here's a good how-to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXneV4Mo-3k

Why do you trim trees?

  you would trim the lower branches of a tree so you can walk under it. you would trim a tree so the branches stay off the roof and out of the guttersyou would trim a tree

How do you trim down a palm tree height?

In 99% of cases you cannot trim the height of a palm tree withoutkilling it. Palms are moncotyledonous, this means they have onegrowth point or apical bud; this is located in

Landscaper accidentally cut off top of palm tree and then trimmed it back with a chainsaw on the trunk Will it come back to life or will it die?

Answer 1: There's nothing to be done. The remaining fronds  will eventually turn brown, and the whole plant will die. Even  Buddha in the Vinaya knew that if you cut off the

What can you get from palm trees?

You can get coir. Coir is a coarse, water resistant fibre from the outer shell of coconuts. It is used in doormats, brushes, mattresses, and ropes. Dragon's blood is a resin u