How to adjust Polaris 300 explorer chain?

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First you want to raise the rear end off the ground. Then take a ratchet strap and pull the rear bumper and axle together so it collapses the spring and shock. Now you loosen the two pinch bolts at the very end of the rear axle arm. Take a punch and put through the hole of the eccentric axle housing, turn down to tighten or up to loosen, or roll the rear wheels forward or backwards to do the same thing. Leave at least a 1/4 inch of slack in chain. Now tighten the pinch bolts to 60 ft-lbs, remove ratchet strap, and lower rear end. Check regularly for proper chain slack.
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Loosen the two carrier bolts on the back of the axle. Then loosen the two bolts at the bottom that hold the rear breaks to the axle bearing housing. Then on the right side of

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The engine in the Polaris Sportsman 500 is self adjusting. There isno need to adjust the timing chain on the Sportsman 500. If you arehearing the chain slap, it is time to rep

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I had the same problem, but then I looked at the rear tires, the one on the right ( same side the chain is in ) was closer to the front of the four wheeler than the other tire