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Step one: Take a plastic wagon with a flat base and two wheels that doesn't have sides. Hopefully, the wagon will have slots in the base for planks of wood to be later put in. (the reason that I don't suggest for you to build a flat base is that the base will not be sturdy and will collapse and cause fatal injuries to you and the rider.)

Step two: Take four 2'x4'x8" and cut down into the appropriate lengths. Make sure that they slope down in the back to create the chariot effect. Then, place them into the slots at the bottom of the chariot base. This will create the frame for the chariot.

Step three: Cut cardboard so it will fit around the frame and paint.

Step four: Take two more 2'x4'x8" planks and secure them to the front of the chariot, creating the way to pull the chariot around.

Yeah, yeah. I know it's not the most detailed description, but hopefully it will give you an idea as to how to build something like this.
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The earliest spoke-wheeled chariots date to ca. 2000 BC and their use peaked around 1300 BC

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because it helped people like the Romans and the egyptians travel places faster but also it help them fight wars

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