How to change a serpentine belt on a 2000 Chrysler sebring?

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First, remove the broken belt very carefully. Then, prepare your work area. Having the right tools are critical. A serpentine belt remover/adjuster, Mopar Part #23-w3221 can really help save you time. It is a silver plier-looking tool with a gold tip that has a solid microprocessor embedded into the base.
Now, jack up the front end with tire jacks and stabilizers. Make sure your battery is fully disconnected. Take your spare key, and insert into the lip of the fuse box and twist 1/3 turn to the left. Now press hard, forcing the top to pop. Wash out the air cleaner while your at it or you may wish you had. Dust in a power converter steering box modulator rack box is a no no.
Ok, pop a couple of beers, chug one and sip the other. At this point you will either start getting sleepy or creepy. Pop a couple more beers, power drain these down your esophagus and hopefully the creepy thing will fade quickly.
Install the belt according to the package schematic, but without adding the d-clip retainer ring supplied. You may need to bend the alignment washer 6-7 degrees south of the ring equator balance indicator. Once the belt is loosely hung on the balance jam level bar, take up about 34mm of slack. More or less, and you can kiss the new belt goodbye.
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