How to convert gasoline generator to propane?

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how to convert gasoline generator to propane
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How can you convert hydrogen to propane?

It's certainly possible, but why you'd want to is a different question entirely--you will lose energy in the conversion process no matter what you do, so you might as well bur

How do you convert a furnace from kerosene to propane?

Though this might be "doable" by someone who thought about it a lot and got a lot of professional advice, it might be wise not to attempt it.. To convert from kerosene to pro

How do you convert a propane furnace to oil?

I have never heard of a way to do this without changing the whole furnace. Propane furnaces are usually thin steal walled heat exchangers with many burners. Oil Furnaces h

Is propane gasoline?

No. Propane is a gas under normal pressure and temperatureconditions while gasoline is liquid. Gasoline consists of largerhydrocarbons than propane, chiefly octane and its iso

How would you convert propane into propene?

The photochemical chlorination of propane produces a mixture of several compounds including 1-chloro propane an 2-chloro propane, if these compounds are separated and allow to