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A magnet is an object that has a magnetic field. The word magnet comes from the Greek "magnítis líthos" (μαγνήτης λίθος), which means "magnesian stone". Magnesia is an area in Greece (Now Manisa, Turkey ) where deposits of magnetite have been discovered since antiquity. How to demagnetize materials Permanent magnets can be demagnetized in the following ways: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Heat. Heating a magnet past its Curie point will destroy the long range ordering.
  • Contact. Stroking one magnet with another in random fashion will demagnetize the magnet being stroked, in some cases; some materials have a very high coercive field and cannot be demagnetized with other permanent magnets.
  • Hammering and/or Jarring. Such activity will destroy the long range ordering within the magnet.
  • Being placed in a solenoid which has an alternating current being passed through it. The alternating current will disrupt the long range ordering, in much the same way that direct current can cause ordering.
In an electromagnet, ceasing the flow of current will eliminate the magnetic field. However, a slight field may remain in the core material as a result of hysteresis.
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How do you demagnetize a TV?

A "degaussing coil" is used to demagnetize the cathode ray tube (CRT) types of television. LCD and plasma type TVs would NOT need this done. What would happen on CRTs is if th

How do you demagnetize iron using a steel magnet?

Rapidly rub the iron with the steel magnet for approximately 2 minutes for every pound of iron. Repeat on all sides of the piece of iron. Repeat process as needed until demagn

How can you demagnetize metal and what is the concept of a demagnetizer?

  To demagnetize (degauss) a metal, you can heat it above its Curie temperature and cool it and the magnetic properties will not return. But this is probably not what we'r

What is demagnetism?

demagnetism is when you remove the magnetism from certain magnetic objects causing magnets not to attract to metal anymore or as strong as it once did

When magnets become demagnetized what happens to the arrangement of electrons in the magnet?

When a magnet becomes demagnetized whats really happening is the arrangement of the domains is getting out of particular arrangement. When electrons are randomly arranged th

Why would dropping a magnet cause it to become demagnetize?

There are molecules in a magnet that allow it to stick to other things. It has something to do with positive and negative charges or atoms in an atom cloud, but none of that i

How can you demagnetize a magnet?

To demagetize a magnet you could smash one if the ends with a hammer. this will cause the order of atoms to rearange so that it's not magnetic.

What is demagnetization?

Demagnetization is the removal of a permanent magnetic field from an object. Such as the "degaussing" of a CRT to remove color shifting, or the erasing of a magnetic medium (t

How can a magnet be demagnetized?

Repeated striking, heating, or using AC current will demagnetize a magnet. A small magnetic field may remain. It can be demagnetised by: -dropping it many times -hammering it
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What can demagnetize a magnet?

Drop it on the floor a few times. . Hit it with a hammer a few times. . Heat it red hot in the stove flame. . Wrap several turns of wire around it and run a high AC current

What is demagnetizing?

Thing made of iron, or iron-like metals can become magnetic. If you  don't want them to magnetic you can do things to them to make them  give up their magnetism, and that's