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How to get rid of a federal tax lien because of stolen identity and you paid taxes but have no identity since 1978?

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The only way to have an IRS lien removed is to pay it in full. Please be advised that the IRS is one of the few entities that can seize and sell property without the necessity of due procedure of law. Did the person file their federal and state taxes or was the money only deducted from their salary? In regards to the "no identity" one would need to be more clear on the issue. For example, does it refer to someone staying in the U.S. after a visa expired, an illegal foreign national or a problem of a civil nature, such as an assumed identity due to domestic violence or...?

Answer: Not only in personal terms, Fraudulent and unlawful activities are a nightmare for most organizations and as a matter of fact, fraudulent activities are done either by employees within the organization or by hackers. Whoever be the culprits, it's a cause of great concern as it results in loss or manipulation of money, identity and reputation of the concerned individual or organization. Nowadays, companies and organizations are depending on network audit software as a solution to this problem.
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What are the form numbers on Federal tax notice to lien and on lien?

  Here is all the information you need to read for dealing with a Federal Tax Lien   http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=108339,00.html#appeal   Regard

Can you sell your house with a federal tax lien on it?

Not without satisfying the lien or you can subordinate a tax lien in order to sell the house. Sometimes, the IRS will allow you to do this, if they believe it will help you to

How many points does a paid tax lien decrease your credit score?

It varies depending on what else is on your credit. For personal experience I can tell say that my credit went down over 200 points for a tax lien. Did not go up at all after

How long are federal tax lien good for?

Ten years plus thirty days. Ten years plus thirty days. Ten years plus thirty days. Ten years plus thirty days.

Can you place a lien against property owned by a family member if you paid the taxes on the property?

    Answer       Sue them in small claims court.       *   Paying the taxes does not necessarily mean that the owner of the property would

Can state take federal income tax refund because of lien?

  Yes, your Federal Tax Refund can be garnished by the state if you owe backtaxes. It can also be taken for child support and or student loans.   In addition to that de

How to look up a federal tax lien list?

  In order to look up a Federal Tax Lien all that is necessary is to walk into county courtshouse where the person in question lives or the property is located and and req

What is a tax lien or tax judgment?

A lien consists of a creditor applying a notice of amount due to any property a debtor may have. This amount must be paid before the property can be sold. A judgment happens

What percentage of federal income tax is paid by the wealthy?

Answer   Well, I'm not sure where you define wealthy...but the upper 50% of the wage earners pay @97% of all tax collections, and the lower ones only @3%. The upper of th

What is a state or federal tax lien or judgment?

  A judgement is a finding you owe money. A lien is a method of securing (that means making it a part of the public record) that debt to something...generally property o

What is a federal tax lien?

  A tax lien is when the IRS files a lien against a tax payer in the courthouse where the taxpayer lives. This lien will attach the the property the tax payer owns. The li