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Boric Acid is what was used for many years and is fairly non toxic to humans and animals. There is really nothing common around the house that is going to affect cockroaches.


Here in the South, Boric Acid is easy to find in every grocery store with the laundry soap- it's called 20-Mule Team Borax! It is THE best non-toxic, pet-safe way to kill roaches!

You also need to determine where the roaches are coming from AND if there is something in your home that attracts them! Food sources of any kind (pet food, messy areas under/behind garbage cans, under/behind stoves and refrigerators and anything else that they can feed on. Clean those areas (and inside all trash cans also, use bleach) before you put out the Borax.

Use the Borax powder behind everything in the kitchen (appliances and cabinets), sprinkle it in the cabinets if you have ever seen any evidence of them in there, go around the room and sprinkle liberally at the basebaords in the living room and bedrooms, go very heavy underneath doors and at patio or sloiding doors;...anywhere you have ever seen a roach or where they may enter!

Vacuum up only the areas that are absolutely necessary (walkways, etc. where it looks bad) but not for at least two days after you put it down. Everywhere else, just leave it for good because it will keep them gone for good. One granule is all it takes and it dries them from the inside out!

If you don't have very small children or pets in the affected areas, you can also put down some of the roach bait traps along the baseboardd areas and exterior doorways.
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