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How to locate someone by cell phone number?

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use a reverse cell phone directory online.
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Can you use someones cell phone number?

No - that's HACKING - which is illegal in most countries !

Where can someone search for a phone numbers?

A good place to search for phone numbers is the phone book. There are also online versions of the phone book, and other websites that list telephone numbers.

Why are cell phone numbers unlisted?

Cell phones are unlisted because the cellular carriers do not maintain a whitepages database on their users. This is due in part to the fact that alot of cellular customers do

How do you locate my cell phone for free?

cellreef.com offer a free cell airtime service which rewards shopping purchases with free cell minutes they also allow you to download a free cell location app as an additio

How to locate a cell phone location?

Type in the number in google and see what you find. Or, type in reverse cell phone lookup. It will usually give you the town, state, and cell phone carrier. Hope this helps!!