How to say Jenna in Chinese?

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詹娜 [zhān nà]

Jenna is not a name in Chinese, so it has no Chinese meaning.
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How do you say who is for you in Chinese?

Miss Maven: "who is for you" Shai Sher Wai Ni.....but this is kinda strange to say in Chinese.\n. \n \n. \nIt totally depends in which kinda situation you ask ... as an example if you are asking a friend of you : which one do you really like from those 3 girls , so who's for you, mate?"\n. \nso y (MORE)

How do you say 'its' in Chinese?

它的 Answer It's in Chinese is 它的(tā de),it used when the subject is something. That meaning is for something belonging to a thing. For example; if you were referring to a dog's head, you would say "it's head" (它的头). If you meant "it's" as the short (MORE)

How do you say and in Chinese?

Romanized, the character for "and" is "he", however it is not pronounced this way. It is really hard to explain how to pronounce Chinese words because there are many sounds that exist in Chinese but not in English, but I'll try. In chinese, it sounds like "Huh! " Open your mouth and breath through (MORE)

How do you say Chinese government in Chinese?

" government " in Chinese is "政府",Chinese pinyin(phonetics) is " zheng4 fu3 ". "Chinese government" in Chinese is "中国政府" ,pronounce as "Jhong-Guo-Jin-Fu" The correct 汉语拼音 Hàn ​yǔ ​pÄ«n ​yÄ«n​ for ä¸­å›½æ” (MORE)

How do you say You in Chinese?

Well it is pronounced as "ne". --- 你 nǐ it should sound like the English word knee. Or 你们 is 你(pl) ni3 men1

How do you say the alphabet in Chinese?

A\n. \n诶\n. \nēi\n. \nB\n. \n比\n. \nbǐ\n. \nC\n. \n西\n. \nxÄ«\n. \nD\n. \n迪\n. \ndí\n. \nE\n. \n伊\n. \nyÄ«\n. \nF\n. \n艾弗\n. \nài fú\n. \nG\n. \n吉\n. \njí\n. \nH\n. \n艾尺\n. \nài chǐ\n. \nI\n. \nè (MORE)

How do you say 'how are you' in Chinese?

'How are you' in Chinese is 'nǐ hǎo ma'. Written in Chinese characters it is '你好吗'. "How are you" in Chinese is "你好吗" pronounced Ni hao ma?

How do you say 'for you' in Chinese?

给你 (gěi nǐ) - is used when giving something. 送你 (sòng nǐ) - used when giving (a gift). 为你 (wèi nǐ) - used when you did something for someone, such as 'I did this for you'.

How do you say the in Chinese?

Chinese, like many other languages, does not use definite articles, thus there is no need for the word "the" and it cannot be literally translated from languages like English that make great use of the definite article "the". Russian and other Slavic languages, as well as dead languages like Latin, (MORE)

How do you say no in Chinese?

Chinese does not have words for "yes" and "no" as such; instead, questions are typically answered by repeating the verb. Common ones include: To be or not to be 是 shì, 不是 bú shì To have or not have / there is or is not 有 yǒu, 没有 méi yǒu To be (MORE)

How do you say 'can I' in Chinese?

wo neng...? 我能...? wo3 ke2yi3 ...? If you are ending a sentence with either of those, you need a "ma" at the end, like "wo neng ma?" or "wo ke yi ma?"

How do you say him in Chinese?

In Chinese, there is no word like in English that separates gender like "him" or "her" only the word pronounced : "tah" is used to described both guys and girls. But the way that "tah" is spoken is the same, but how they are written is different, half of both of them are the same, but the other half (MORE)

How do you say 'says' in Chinese?

The Mandarin Chinese verb "to say" is "Shūo", 說 For example: 他說你好 (Tā shūo nǐ hǎo) "He says hello."

How do you say I love America and Chinese in Chinese?

I love America and China. . 我喜爱美国和中国 [wǒ xǐ ài měi guó hé zhōng guó]. I love American and Chinese. . 我喜爱美国人和中国人 [wǒ xǐ ài měi guó rén hé zhōng guó rén]

How do you say 'Chinese' in Chinese?

Depending on what you are trying to say it can be different. 中国人 or zhong guo ren means a Chinese person. 中国的 or zhong guo de means originating from China. And finally, 中文 or zhong wen means Chinese the language.

How do you say 'had' in Chinese?

If you mean that you had something, it would be "有" (yǒu). But if you mean you have eaten something, it would be "吃" (chī).

How do you say where are you from in Chinese?

Traditional: 你是從哪裡來的?(Nǐ shì cóng nǎlǐ lái de?) Simplified: 你是从哪里来的?(Nǐ shì cóng nǎlǐ lái de?) Or: Traditional: 你是哪國人? (Nǐ shì nǎguór (MORE)

How do you say 'I can speak Chinese' in Chinese?

If u speak Chinese then u should know ;) It's 我说中国文 Wǒ shuō zhōngwen (there's another one but I can figure out how to write characters on my iPad, I'm cutting and pasting, don't worry there are correct) (pronounced woo shoo jong wen) and u say it as the little tones (MORE)

How do you say do you speak Chinese in Chinese?

To say "I speak Chinese" (in Mandarin) you say: Wo(3) hui(4) shuo(1) Zhong(1)wen(2). 我会说中文. To say "You speak Chinese" you say: Ni(3) hui(4) shuo(1) Zhong(1)wen(2). 你会说中文. You can replace "Zhong wen 中文" with "Zhong guo hua 中国 (MORE)

How you say no in Chinese?

Chinese does not have words for "yes" and "no" as such; instead, questions are typically answered by repeating the verb. Common ones include: To be or not to be 是 shì, 不是 bú shì To have or not have / there is or is not 有 yǒu, 没有 méi yǒu To b (MORE)

How do you say you get it in Chinese?

知道了吗? [zhī dào le mā] - get it? it could also be 拿 if you want to say "Can you get it ?" It is pronounced "na" in mandarin.

How do you say in Chinese 'How do you say?

'How do you say' in Chinese is 你怎样说 [nǐ zěn yàng shuō]. An easier way to help you pronounce it is "nee zheh yang soh" actually its zhong guo ren

How do you say my name is Michael in Chinese?

In Chinese, "My name is Michael" is 我的名字叫Michael. This is written the same in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In Hanyu Pinyin, it's pronounced "wo3 de ming2zi4 jiao4 Michael." Here's a breakdown: 我的 - My 名字 - name 叫 - is called, to be called, to (MORE)

How do you say brain in Chinese?

The Traditional Chinese word for brain is 大腦. In Simplified Chinese, this is 大脑. In Hanyu Pinyin, it is pronounced "da4nao3." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, it is pronounced "dahnao."

How do you say I don't know in Chinese?

The most common way to say "I don't know" in Chinese is "我不知道." In Hanyu Pinyin, this is pronounced "Wo3 bu4 zhi1dao4." Another way to say "I don't know" in Chinese is "我不晓得." This is pronounced "Wo3 bu4 xiao3de" in Hanyu Pinyin.

How do you you say white white in Chinese?

"White white" in Chinese is "白白的." It is written the same way in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In Hanyu Pinyin, this is pronounced "bai2bai2de." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, it's pronounced ""

How do you say ''im cute'' in Chinese?

Wo shi piaoliang it's not accurate. It shall be Wo3 hen2 Ke3 Ai4, 我很可爱. If you need accurate translatign work, with not very big piece of chapter, I can help for free. I'm a Chinese girl, a freelance translater, any one comes to Guangzhou city in China and need a (MORE)

How do you say Chinese dumplings in Chinese?

饺子 [jiǎo zi] If referring to rice dumplings used during Dragon boat Festivals, they are called 粽子 [zòng ​zi] --> glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled.

How do you say how in Chinese?

"How" in Traditional Chinese is 怎麼. In simplified Chinese, this is 怎么. It is pronounced "zen3me" in Hanyu Pinyin and "" in Gwoyeu Romatzyh.

How do you say 'Is Mr. Wang Chinese' in Chinese?

'Is Mr. Wang Chinese' in written Chinese is '王先生是中国人吗?'. In pinyin it is 'Wang xian sheng shi zhong guo ren ma'. An alternative is 王先生是不是中国人? or 'Wang xian sheng shi bu shi zhong guo ren' Broken down the translat (MORE)

How do you say i am Chinese?

我是一個中國 in Chinese traditional way 我是一个中国 is simplifiedway HAVE FUN and it is (wao ai choun guo yun)

How do you say Chinese school in Chinese?

Depends what kind. Chinese school in china would just be called a school, or 学校 (shue shiao). A Chinese school abroad that receives funding from the Chinese government is probably called a 孔子学校 (kong zzz (like the zz in buzz) shue shiao)

How do you say no is Chinese?

There's a lot of ways, but they mean different stuff: 不 - pronounced as "bu" basically means no, but it sounds weird in some situations. 不好 -pronounced as "bu hao" basically disagreeing OR saying something isn't not good. 不行 -pronounced as "bu xing"means can not.

How do you say Chinese numbers in Chinese?

yi -1 er -2 san -3 si -4 Wu -5 liu -6 qi -7 ba -8 jiu -9 shi -10 To say numbers in the double digits you say the first digit, then ten, and then the second digit. Examples: 23= er shi san 57= Wu shi qi

What does the letter to Jenna say in the MTV show Awkward?

In the first episode of this season's Awkward, Jenna received an extremely rude letter, telling her things like she was pitiful, and to pull her head out of her a**. See the Related Link below for a screenshot and detailed description of the letter. The big question looms as to who wrote the letter (MORE)

How do you say my Chinese teacher is in Chinese pinyin?

My Chinese teacher is... in Chinese characters is 我的中文老師是. In pinyin it's written as 'wo de zhong wen lao shi shi'. Broken down the translation is: My / 我的 / wo de Chinese / 中文 / zhong wen Teacher / 老師 / lao shi Is / 是 / shi

How do you say mama in jenna?

how do you say good bye in jenna? well you say this is not a real language but your wrong the world knows Asia people mostly i know i know all 63 languages and you say djunah this is how you prenouse it d-j-auh very cool huh well you say uhja to say mama in jenna this is how you say it right you-je (MORE)

How do you say this in Chinese?

this-pronoun. 本. this. 这. this, these. 此. this, these. 这个. this. 这项. this. 今. this. 这位. this.

How do you say What is in Chinese?

什么 (shénme). For example, 'What is this?' can be said as '这是什么', literallytranslated to 'this is what'.

How do you say 'I don't speak Chinese' in Chinese?

Traditional script (in Hong Kong and Taiwan [ROC]): 我不會說中文 Simplified script (in mainland China [PRC]): 我不会说中文 Pronunciation (in pinyin): wǒ bù​huìshuō zhōng​wén