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Starting Sex on A Honeymoon If you are both sexually experienced, this is not an issue. Leap into bed. Just do it.

If one or both of you is virginal or completely sexually inexperienced then this may help.

There is no necessity to do the deed on the honeymoon night. You can wait until the next day. Most newlyweds are deeply exhausted after the wedding day and travelling and just cuddling each other asleep is quite sensible.

Basic beginner sex, if you are both keen, and I hope you both are, is pretty automatic. Kiss, hug, stroke, caress, touch breasts, touch genitals and get decently aroused. SLOWLY SLOWLY. Women take longer, especially if nervous. When aroused, her vagina will relax and secrete a lubricating liquid. The man must not move in for penetration until she feels very wet to the touch and can take two fingers easily.

If she is a virgin, the hymen, or maidenhead, partially obstructs the vagina and he won't be able to penetrate. Sometimes hymens are broken already by other causes or simply not present. She is still a virgin but its all a bit easier.

The hymen must be stretched open. Usually it tears and there is a little blood and pain. I find the best approach is to have the woman squat above the man, who lies on his back. She is facing him and she lowers herself onto his penis. She controls the degree of penetration and will take it slowly, even stop-start a few times. Lots of lubrication is needed. if necessary wet the penis with saliva or gel. When she is ready she will probably do a sudden little thrust and its done. He should participate actively thoughout this by continuing to stroke, caress and knead her body and breasts, but please avoid thrusting upwards.

Hymens that don't break are a problem, if very uncommon. Stretching them with fingers can work. Go slowly. Sometimes they must be snipped by a medical professional.

Remember contraception. Skin on skin is nicest for honeymoons so pills, creams, foams are good, but HIV tests are sensible before non-barrier contraception.
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