How was Italy named Italy?

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Following te legend, Italy takes is name from Italo, the king of a town-state in the far south of Italy. It was one of the many greek colonies part of the so called "Magna Grecia".
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How did Italy get named?

because when the Romans began to conquere Italy there was a population called itali that lived a bit norther of rome and that land was called italia that meant the land of the

Who named Italy?

The origin of the term Italia, from Latin: Italia, is uncertain. According to one of the more common explanations, the term was borrowed through Greek from the Oscan Víteli

How did Italy get its name?

The name Italy comes from the word Italia. This was the name of a rebellious area of the Roman Empire in what is now central Italy. Italia, in turn was named after the people

Where did Italy get its name?

When the Ancient Greeks first colonized Sicily and Southern Italy during the 6th-century BCE, they discovered (as visitors to Italy today still discover), that the "boot" of I

What to do in Italy?

there are many things! you can go visit naples underground in naples obviously. naples underground is where innocent citizens lived for years while they were being bombed in w

What Do you get from Italy?

Amazing ingredients for your food, fabulous handbags and clothing and big containers (4L) of Nutella. food poisoning.

What can you do in Italy?

You can do many things in Italy. The main tourist attraction is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You should definitely visit that. Also be sure to try some of their pizza and pasta

What is Italy named after?

the Romans, they began to conquer another population ( further north ) than rome called itali and that land was called italia ( land of itali ) - it was an important populatio

Where is Italy and why is it there?

Italy is in South Europe and it is there due to plate tectonics, which cause the continental plate that Italy is on to shift into its present position. The formation of the Al