How was mt st Helens related to plate tectonics?

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Actually, the North American Plate and the Pacific plate form a transform boundary. There is no volcanism related with a transform boundary. Mt. Saint Helens was created by the interactions of the North American plate and the Juan de Fuca plate. The Juan de Fuca plate is an oceanic plate, made of material which is more dense than continental plates, such as the North American plate. The Juan de Fuca plate and the North American plate are currently smashing into each other, and Juan de Fuca plate is subducting (sinking below) because it is denser. this allows for magma to come to the surface, and creates a volcano.
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What plates were involved in mt st helens eruption?

the north american plate (continental thereforelighter and less dense but much thicker) and the juan de fucaplate (oceanic therefore heavier denser and thinner). my f

What plates are mt st helens on?

I think its like Juan de Fuga and the north American plates but i could be wrong. im not really sure bout da question