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How was the people's attitudes toward organized religion in the 1950s like?

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incredibly positive and religious affiliation boomed
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How was the Romans's attitude toward religion different from the Jew's?

The main difference between the roman beliefs and the Jewish beliefs were that the Romans always worshiped many Gods and Godesses as well. They had a god ora goddess for every

What was the attitude of the Spanish towards the Aztec religion?

The Spanish were very wary of the Aztec religion. In some cases  they even exploited it. Perhaps most importantly though, their  attitude showed that they did not like the A

How did the Romans attitude toward religion differ from the Jews attitude?

The Romans were very religious. Their religion was very different. It was polytheistic; that is, it had many gods. There were many rites to many of the gods and there were cer

What were ordinary people's attitudes towards highwaymen?

Firstly you have to forget the romanticised idea of a highwayman. They did not rob only from the rich. The real highwayman was simply an armed thug and the common people woul

What was Joseph Stalin's attitude toward religion?

Stalin took the position that religion was an opiate that needed to be removed in order to construct an ideal communist society. His government promoted atheism through specia

What was the roman's attitude toward religion?

The Romans had a liberal attitude towards the religions of the conquered peoples.respected and tolerate. With respect to their own religion, their attitude was to respect the

What was ancient Rome's attitude towards other religions?

Contrary to what is claimed above, the conquered peoples were not  required by the Romans to worship the Roman gods. There was one  occasion when a Roman emperor (Decius) re