How will you benefit from signing up on WikiAnswers?

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There are some very good reasons to sign up on WikiAnswers:
  1. You get credit for your contributions. Your ID shows up if you are the first person to answer a question.
  2. You can get recognition as a top contributor to the site.
  3. You get a message board for communicating with other users.
  4. You can participate on the Community Forum.
  5. You can earn badges.
  6. You can participate in Answerthons and possibly win prizes.
  7. You can recategorize questions that are in the wrong place.
  8. You can correct and edit questions.
  9. You could even become a Supervisor or participate in non-supervisory programs.
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Why do you have to be 13 to sign up for WikiAnswers?

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Why should you sign up to WikiAnswers?

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Why shouldn't you sign up for an account on WikiAnswers?

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Why do you need Facebook to Sign Up to WikiAnswers?

It's referred to as reciprocal linking. The wiki answers gives links to the Facebook by adding tab for signing up and in turn gets visits from the users Facebook profile page.
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