How will your ex-spouse's bankruptcy affect you if you had a joint mortgage which you are still responsible for?

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Spouse's bankruptcyIt can.
Since even a quit-claimed mortgage loan continues to show on your personal credit report, it MAY get a notation "included in bankruptcy" (if it was included). This will cause you problems because creditors will be looking at Your public records trying to justify that notation.
Keep track of your credit. Yours is one of the few situations where inserting a consumer statement onto the bureaus would be a good idea.
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  • I think it's important to understand that you are talking about two different things: (1) ownership, and (2) liability. Signing a quitclaim deed means you transferred ownership of the property to your ex-spouse, so the deed will only be in your ex-spouse's name, but this in no way transfers your liability on the mortgage document to your ex-spouse. The mortgage lender will still hold you both responsible for the mortgage regardless of whose name is on the deed since both of your names are still on the mortgage document. And, even if the divorce court ordered one spouse to be responsible, in Indiana at least the mortgage lender can normally still sue both spouses if there is a default on the mortgage. I'm only licensed in Indiana, and if you were in Indiana, my guess is that if your ex-spouse filed bankruptcy on the mortgage, the fact that you quitclaimed the house will not stop the mortgage lender from pursuing you for payments. Of course, different things might happen in different states since each state has their own laws on the subject. Please keep in mind that this in no way constitutes legal advice but is just my take on the hypothetical facts.

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Secured debt, such as a mortgage loan, will not be included in the bankruptcy. If the mortgage loan is still in joint names with your ex-spouse, she will remain liable for the debt, and jointly responsible for its repayment.
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How do you get title to your house after your ex filed for bankruptcy and stuck you with a large mortgage?

Sorry, but I don't see how this could happen. Was your ex granted the house in the divorce proceedings. Or were you still on the title? If you want to email me perhaps we could sort it out together. You're best option would be to contact the attorney who handled your divorce. The house should have g (MORE)

When you file bankruptcy will affect your spouse's credit?

Answer . \nYou can do it either way. It mostly depends on the financial situation you are in and if you have joint accounts or single accounts. Just went through this. Most of the bills are in my name so my husband didn't have to do it.But your lawyer will advise you on the best way to file. Hop (MORE)

Will your ex-spouses bankruptcy affect you?

Answer . If she is discharging debts that were joint or she was required to pay as part of the divorce, you bet it affects you. The creditors will look to you for payment of the full amount due.

If one of the joint tenants with right of survivorship dies and the mortgage is in their name is the other responsible for it?

No or not directly. The loan was between the borrower and the lender with the property pledged as security. If the surviving tenant doesn't want the note foreclosed and the house auctioned by the lender to pay off the outstanding loan then the surviving tenant needs to take action. The simple met (MORE)

How does a bankruptcy affect first and second mortgages?

This is a complex question. In general a bankruptcy will only effect the mortgages if you try to change them some way in the bankruptcy proceeding. This all depends on the chapter you filed, if you are behind on payments, how much the mortgage company wants to work with you, your income / expenses, (MORE)

How do you get a mortgage with open bankruptcy?

For the most part you cannot do so until after the bankruptcy process has completed. Practically there will be no lenders who would consider offering a loan as the court would need to approve any such transaction and there could be issues with other creditors. Best to just wait it out.

If you are in foreclosure for your first mortgage are you still responsible for the second mortgage if there is a second mortgage on the property?

If your first mortgage is in the process of foreclosure that foreclosure will extinguish the second mortgage as to the real estate . The foreclosure of the first mortgage terminates all subsequent interests in the real estate. After the foreclosure the real estate can be sold free and clear of any (MORE)

If your ex husband files bankruptcy and you have a mortgage together that you have paid since the divorce and got in the divorce is this going to affect you?

Check with your divorce attorney for exactly how shared debts were apportioned in the settlement - but - if he filed for bankruptcy AFTER the divorce was final, no, it shouldn't affect you. I would, however, contact your mortgage company and notify them of the fact, unless it is stated otherwise in (MORE)

If your mortgage company files for bankruptcy do you still owe them money?

Sorry, yes! You just now owe it to the people they owed money to, ie: the banks and the courts.. Basically, your debt to them is an asset those they owe want!. The companies filing bankrutpcy only allows IT to maybe get the right to not pay IT'S debts. It doesn't excvuse you from your obligations (MORE)

If you filed for bankruptcy in 2003 while still single can your husband file for bankruptcy now without being affected by the prior bankruptcy?

Yes. If one spouse filed an individual bankruptcy case in 2003, then the other spouse can normally file at any time thereafter since they were not a party to their spouse's former case. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my un (MORE)

Do you still have to pay the mortgage if you claim bankruptcy?

While the different types of BK offer some protection from creditors and possibly for debts already incurred...until resolved, and on a going forward basis, generally you are responsible to pay them.. In regards to your mortgage...the bottom line is...with or without BK, if the mortgage isn't paid (MORE)

Are joint tenants equally responsible for the mortgage?

Yes. Joint tenants are equally responsible for paying the mortgage. However, you should be aware that if the circumstances in the relationship between the parties (mortgagors) changes and one abandons the property, the lender will hold the remaining person solely responsible for paying the entire ba (MORE)

If your husband files bankruptcy and you have no joint accounts will your credit be affected?

In general, the filing of bankruptcy by one spouse will not affect the other spouse's financial situation. A debt is created by contract between a debtor and a creditor - each debtor must sign the contract to be liable for payment. Therefore, the bankruptcy of one spouse does not cause the other t (MORE)

Will filing chapter 13 bankruptcy affect a recent joint bank account?

If you have filed for bankruptcy as an individual, rather than as a couple, then you are only filing on your personal debts. Following this logic, only those funds that are yours (so your share of the bank account, if that is possible) will be "up for grabs." Your bankruptcy status should not have (MORE)

If you are on a deed but not the mortgage are you responsible for the mortgage?

The answer depends on when your name went on the deed. If your namewas on the deed as joint owner before the mortgage wasgranted then the bank can only foreclose on the co-owner's halfinterest if you didn't sign the mortgage. In order for the lenderto perfect their interest in the mortgaged real e (MORE)

What happens to a reverse mortgage in bankruptcy?

A reverse mortgage is typically unaffected by bankruptcy. Only in a case where you want to surrender the home would the bankruptcy court be involved on any mortgage product other than to dictate terms of repayment of defaulted payments. with a reverse mortgage there are no payments so that would not (MORE)

Can you declare bankruptcy on your mortgage in californiat?

Yes, your obligation under the promissory note will be discharged, however, the security interest will remain. This means the lender can still foreclose on the property if payments are not made. If you plan to surrender the property to the lender, then this isn't an issue.

Can you declare bankruptcy on a mortgage in NJ?

Bankruptcy is of an individual or a corporation, or entity that includes all the assets and liabilities. Mortgage is part of all the liabilities against the filer. What can be removed and what can stay depends upon the kind of bankruptcy it is- ch 7, ch 11, or ch 13. Best bet contact a good bankrupt (MORE)

Does your bankruptcy affect a mortgage still held in both your names even though you are divorced?

Yes. You need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney who can explain the consequences under federal and state laws. Yes. You need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney who can explain the consequences under federal and state laws. Yes. You need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney who can explain (MORE)

Your ex-husband quit claimed his interest in the property to you. Is he still responsible for the mortgage if you can't make a payment?

Yes. When one spouse transfers their interest to the other as part of a distribution of assets in a divorce the existing mortgage should be paid off. The party receiving the other's interest must refinance in their own name. Otherwise, both remain equally responsible for paying the mortgage. Any def (MORE)

Can you have your name removed from a mortgage loan that was deemed your ex spouse's responsibility in a divorce?

No, you cannot. The bank is under no obligation to abide by your divorce decree. This s a problem caused by poor legal representation at the time of the divorce. Your attorney should have addressed this issue as part of the negotiations. If one spouse agrees to or is ordered to convey their intere (MORE)

One spouse is on the mortgage and wants to claim bankruptcy. The other spouse's name is on the deed. What happens when the first files for bankruptcy?

It sounds like your name was on the deed, you mortgaged the property then you conveyed it to your spouse thinking to effect a change in ownership free of the mortgage. You can't do that. A conveyance to defraud your creditor will be "undone" by the court. Also, if you did transfer ownership su (MORE)