How wise people are better than strong people?

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Because they have a common sence
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Are animals better than people?

OK first of all we are equal, if animals are not hunted they become over populated and disease spreads faster among the animal population. So really we are helping them becaus

Are short people better than tall people?

Yes, Here is why: Physical advantages of shorter height Shorter people of the same proportions as taller people have many physical advantages based on the laws of physic

Do people in jail live better than homeless people?

I think yes, people in jail do live better than homeless people. Why? . People in jail get fed and have a bed. . People that are homeless, dont have that kind of ability. Th

How are computers better than people?

Computers were made by people; I don't feel that they are better than us in any way. However, they are clearly better than people at many tasks.

Are black people better than white people?

No, not collectively and nor is it vice versa. Throughout life, there are those deemed better than another person, but usually as individuals and it has nothing to do with the

Why do religious people think people are better than animals?

The reason for most people who are very religious thinking that animals don't have souls, or that humans are better than them is because of the fact that animals don't seem to

How can you do better than the people that cheat?

Gather proof and then report the cheaters to the "authorities." People will tell you that this isn't honorable, in one way or another, but that's just a behavior trait that's
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Do short people balance better than tall people?

Tall people balance better because they have more mass!! Smaller people have better balance because they have a lower centre of gravity as they are closer to the ground, mass
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Why tall people are better than small people?

I'm sorry everyone who is tall but tall people are no better small people! I am tall myself but it is proven 10% of small people have been uninjured so that means small people
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Is it better to be wise than to be beautiful?

yes, it is better to be wise than beautiful because if your beautiful but not wise or stupid everyone can take advantage of you beauty and if you wise or smart you can go to l
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Can old people hear better than young people?

No. Older people, mostly those who would be classed as elderly,gradually experience a decline in their hearing levels. Over theyears, the ears begin to get damaged from loud n