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How would the distribution of income change if Social Security were privatized?

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Privatizing social security would mean that it is no longer a guaranteed system that Americans can depend on. Instead, it would be more like a pension program, and many pension programs have ended because private companies have found them too costly. It is not worth the risk of such an important program ending or being downsized. People are really not going to save for there retirement money..that why we have this program so when we retire we can safely know that we have money.
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No. The Social Security benefits would be a part of all of your other Unearned Income for the year. You are not working for the benefits that are paid to you during each year.

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Dangerous. Privatized Social Security means the contributions would be paid to, and the funds managed by, one or more private investment firms, rather than managed by (and bac

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No. Had this project moved forward the money would likely have gone to firms like AIG, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers. They have, as a an oligopoly, an extraordinary con

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make it an easier transition for someone who is receiving social security benefits as a male who decides to change their sex to female. There are no guidelines for such a topi

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la gente es muy tonta para responder estas pregunta [Just call me Tonto, Kimosabe...] Benefits like SS and unemployment checks are usually not taxed like income unless one's

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Some people believe that anything done by government is going to be less efficient than what private enterprise would do. It is certainly possible for people to arrange to obt