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Soft skills are skills which are difficult to assign an objective numeric measurement to, such as empathy, or "being a people person".
Soft skills is a sociological term which refers to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, ability with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people to varying degrees. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical requirements of a job.
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Define entrepreneurship-management skills?

Having an entrepreneurial style of managing may be thought of as having the structure and flexibility to assist an organization to succeed. The manager implementing an entrepreneurial style must be flexible in adapting to the rapid changing of the market conditions and ideas which are important fact (MORE)

Explain and define hard and soft news?

News stories are basically divided into two types: hard news and soft news. Hard new generally refers to up-to-the-minute news and events that are reported immediately, while soft news is background information or human-interest stories. Politics, war, economics and crime used to be considered hard (MORE)

Define carpentry skills?

Answer A Carpenter is . a carpenter has to be able to first know how to properly use and maintain his tools he then needs to be able to read and understand blueprints a good carpenter should be able to not only frame a house but to build it from the ground up

What soft skills does a computer engineering need?

Soft Skills are non-technical skills that are essential in a corporate environment. A software engineer should have skills such as project management; interpersonal communication - oral and written; organizational development and leadership; understanding business, marketing, and sales requirements/ (MORE)

What soft skills does a computer technician need?

First off, you have to be able to tell the customer about technical things in plain English that they can understand. Examples are a good way. You have to have good people skills and can communicate with the customers.

Define physical skills?

Physical skills are skills that require the use of the body toperform specific tasks. Desirable physical skills are coordination,quick reflexes, balance strength, cardiovascular endurance etc.

What do you understand by soft skill?

Soft skills are nothing but your communication skills. When a person can communincate well and you have an excellent personal relationship your rated high in soft skills.

Define skilled labor?

Labour and skills would be easier to find than others in some areas. If a supply of skilled labour already exists in an area then a new business may prefer to locate there as they will have access to skilled workers. In some areas there may be a tradition of work in a particular industry and there w (MORE)

Define personal skills?

Each person has the ability to do certain things very well; these are their personal skills. idunno lol

Define motor skills?

A Motor Skill: an act or task that has a goal to achieves voluntary body or limb movement to be properly performed.. A Motor Skill: an act or task that has a goal to achieves voluntary body or limb movement to be properly performed.

Defined soft money?

\nPolitical donations made in such a way as to avoid federal regulations or limits, as by donating to a party organization rather than to a particular candidate or campaign.

Define communication skills?

We all use language to communicate to express ourselves to get our ideas and to connect with the person to whom we are spiking. When a relationship is working, the act of communicating seems to flow relative effortlessly.

What is the definition of soft skill?

Soft skills are a persons emotional intelligence quotient. Itbasically scores your personality, social life, communicationskills, and your personal habits.

How would you rate your organizational skills?

Each person has a different rate for organizational skills. Somepeople tend to be super organized while others are not so skilledat being organized. It is a quality that has many differentrankings and ratings.

Define cognitive skills?

Cognitive Skills are basics mental abilitis we use to think,study and learn. . It includes:- Attention,working memory,processing speed,long term memory,visual processing,auditory processing,logic and Reasoning etc.

Why would the brake pedal be soft?

if brake pedal is soft , either there is air in the system ,a brake fluid leak, or brake linings and pads are worn allowing the pedal to travel to far. if there is a fluid leak, this can usually be found by getting under vehicle and looking at inside of wheels for brake fluid

Soft skills and specialisation skills needed for system analyst?

The Systems Analyst must have the basic soft skills in the areas ofinterpersonal skills, communication, teamwork, critical thinking,and self-management. Specialization skills will include systemevaluation, systems analysis, complex problem-solving, andtroubleshooting.

Define bicultural skills?

The definition of bi-cultural skills is being able to maintain youridentity irrespective of having two culture at play. This is one ofthe qualities of a good leader or employee.

Define management skill?

Management skill is defined as being a skill or knowledge of asubject dealing with the overall operation or organization within abusiness or organization. Examples of management skills includeemployee hiring, employee training, product display setup,merchandising products, employee scheduling, accou (MORE)

Define the four macro skills?

The four macro skills are associated with learning any language.These four macro skills are speaking, listening, writing, andreading.

What are the soft skill in secretary?

Secretaries, or Administrative Assistants as many are now called, have a wide variety of duties. In other words, it's no longer just typing. For example, they'll answer the phones and handle questions. They'll provide service to customers, clients, the boss, and perhaps others within the company. An (MORE)

Why are soft skills and hard skills important?

Soft skills include good communication skills, presentation skills and corporate manners. hard skills include technical skills, management skills. almost all corporates expect both the skills as business involves both soft skills and hard skills

Define study and thinking skills?

Study skills refers to methods applied to learning and are considered essential to acquiring good academic standing. These methods include using library resources, acquiring good study spaces, reading for details, etc. Thinking skills, on the other hand, makes use of cognitive abilities to make me (MORE)

Difference between soft skills and technical skills?

Soft skills are usually those personality or personal attributes that enable a persons social interactions and effectiveness. This can lead to enhanced (business) relationships, job performance and career prospects. Unlike technical or hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task (MORE)

What do soft skills mean to you?

Soft Skills are behavioural competencies. Also known as Interpersonal Skills, or people skills, they includeproficiencies such as communication skills, conflict resolution andnegotiation, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving,strategic thinking, team building, influencing skills and (MORE)

Define the word skills?

When you are good at something: you are skilled at, for example, horseriding. You are good at it. You have skills when it comes to horses.

What are the different types of soft skills?

The main ones include Work Ethics, Greeting yourself, Happy Attitude, Smooth Communication Skills, Problem-solving, Confidence in ones self, Adaptability, Learning from the Critics, Coach Others, Leadership, Active Listening. Feel free to add more to this list. These are just the main focused ones.

Do you need soft skills in addition to professional skills?

It depends upon your profession. If you have to deal with the public it is best to also have soft skills as well as the professional skills needed. Soft skills allow you to communicate effectively with the public and help you avoid confrontational situations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of soft skills?

Kaadhal en kaadhal adhu kanneerula Pochu adhu pochu ada thaneerula ... Kaayam pudhu kaayam en ullukkulla Paalaana nenju adhu veneerula Adida avala, udhada avala Vidra avala thaeveye illa Aedhuvum puriyala, ulagam therila sariyaa varala onnume illa [suthudhu suthudhu thalayum suthu (MORE)

Should soft skills are more important than technical skill?

I personally feel that soft skills should be given more importance than technical skills because we can develop technical skills by reading knowledgable books and by undergoing sets of training. it requires more effort to gain soft skills because that strictly requires lots of changes in your behavi (MORE)

Aspirations of a soft skill trainer?

to be a successfull soft skills trainer remember BACS mnemonic a good body language Articulation skills(pronunciation) Content (good PPTs) Stage--good stage presence

How does a persons skills and talents define them?

Skills and talents usually take various lengths and intensities of time, dedication and persistence to acquire. A person who invests effort to achieve a discipline could be defined as being driven, steadfast, reliable, and goal-oriented. Skills and talent, depending upon what those hap (MORE)

Define soft and hard water?

Hardness in water is defined as concentration of multivalent cations. Multivalent cations are cations (positively charged metal complexes) with a charge greater than 1+. They mainly have the charge of 2+. These cations include Ca 2+ and Mg 2+ , but Fe 2+/3+ and Mn 2+ are also common 'hardness' (MORE)

Define non cognitive skills?

Non cognitive skills refers to one's skills which are related to personality one preferences rather than to their cognitive intellect. Examples of non cognitive skills include, motivation, perseverance and determination.

What skill would you need to have in wilderness?

There are many different skills that you would need in the wilderness, including knot tying, fire building, identifying edible plants, fishing or hunting (if you eat meat), and setting up a tent/ finding a shelter. Depending on your situation, these will vary.

The soft skills that can be effective for customer service.?

A good listener and polite but firm communicator with a thorough knowledge of the service you are providing in order to give Customers options if their primary request can't be granted. Timely response if you say you will get them an answer or get back to them, so attention to detail is very importa (MORE)

What are soft skills and how they can be improved?

Soft skills are skills that cannot be measured easily. This includes skills like communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills etc. that can be observed but cannot be measured easily. Hard Skills like knowledge of a product or process can be tested and measured easily through a qui (MORE)

Does a cat's fur color define how soft it is?

No because my kitten is black and dark colors which kinda reminds you of hard but she is very soft and a little to fluffy. She is only 1. It all depends about weather they are long haired or short haired.

What is the soft skill?

Soft skill is a term that is often associated with an individualEmotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)

Why are soft skills important?

Soft skills can enhance your personal growth as well professionalgrowth . It helps you in becoming an expert by enhancing yourleadership qualities, negotiation skills, personality developmentetc. Therefore soft skills can transform you into an newindividual.

How do you enhance your Soft skills?

You can get training in soft skills. You can practice them. You can get involved in activities that would help, such as voluntary activities that will get you to interact with people a lot more.

What are soft skills Why They Are Important?

Soft Skills are also known as 'people skills' and a lot ofimportance is being given to development of these skills today. Youmay excel in hard skills, which are your technical skills, but ifyou lack soft skills, it is possible that you may either not getemployed at all or you may fail to rise your c (MORE)