How would you join the Marines via Navy ROTC and what kind of action can a second lieutenant in the Marines expect to see?

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Marine Corps Officers obtain a commission through either the US Naval Academy, the NROTC program or Marine Corps Officers' Candidate School.
Contact your local Marine Recruiter for details. A Brown Bar can expect an adrenalin rush tempered by hours and days of boredom, challenges, opportunities and an opportunity to serve your country, up close and personal.
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Who can join the marines?

Anyone can join pretty much. The age requirement is 18 or 17 with parental permission. You must be a High School Graduate. A legal U.S. Citizen obviously. And y (MORE)

Navy or marines?

No one on can answer that question for you. You need to talk it over with your family, decide what you would want to do in either branch, and most i (MORE)

If you have seizures could you join the Navy or the Marines?

Absolutely not - Seizures of any type, whether controllable or not, is an automatic medical disqualifier for any type of military service. You cannot be expecte (MORE)

What are the Pro's and Con's of Marine ROTC?

Well first off there is no Marine ROTC there is only Navy ROTC with Marine Option the pros are that you are part of "the few, the proud" and you are serving you (MORE)
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How much are Marine Second Lieutenants paid?

That will depend on how long they have been in the service. The link below will take you to a military pay scale chart- a 2Lt is an O-1 on the chart (not an O-1 (MORE)

How do you get in marine rotc?

marine nrotc requires separate applications. You should talk to your local marine recruiter to help you through the process. Im currently trying to apply as wel (MORE)
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Should you join the navy seals or marines?

If you will die before you quit and are determined enough then start asking about the process for becoming a SEAL and getting to BUD/S, either way I would advis (MORE)
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Can you join the merchant marines if you got kicked out the navy?

§ 310.54 General requirements for eligibility. . A candidate shall be of good moral character. The Administrator may reject the nomination of any candidate (MORE)
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What can the ROTC program teach a marine?

A marine joining the ROTC program will learn Naval Sciences as well as learning about the Marines Corp and the Navy. It goes without saying that you will also l (MORE)