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Bill of Sale When I sell my used cars, I usually word it this way. To Whom It May Concern, This is to certify that I, (your name) (sell) (trade) or (give as a gift) a (year, make, model and VIN) to (name of person)in consideration of (amount if selling) (in trade of) (if gift, state relation). I hereby attach my signature, (sign same as name on title) LOL, Ruben Go here and pick you state. http://www.dmv.org/bill-of-sale.php?source=google&gclid=CJbRzKiNgoUCFTKBLAodIx0YBA Make sure it includes the words "As Is", unless you are offering a warranty.
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What is the used car sales tax in Tennessee?

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if vehicle is 1985 or older the Ga seller sould provide you with a bill of sale and a Ga registration card in the same name as the bill of sale take both of these to your tag