How you can watch live aarti of vaishnodevi?

How you can watch live aarti of vaishnodevi?
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You can watch the Live Aarti of Mata Vaishno Devi at 7:30 PM on Shraddha channel or otherwise at 7:00 AM on Shraddha and MH1 channels

but how do i watch it if i am living in canada and i dont have d cable do u guys have any link online to watch it live on d my pc
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Where can you watch nick jr live?

anywere like butlins but if you get a leaflet it will tell you wen or sometimes were you can wach some characters from nick jr

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Will yash and aarti fall in love?

i would really like them to fall in love with each other,Aarti is a special girl,and Yash ,is very handsome

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