How you get YouTube videos on your iPod Touch?

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You have to be connected to the wireless internet.
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Touch the wifi settings.
  3. Try to connect to a wireless connection.
  4. On the main screen there is a YouTube icon. Touch it and it will take you to YouTube's site automatically.
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How do you get YouTube on the iPod touch?

Youtube is an build in app in iPod touch 1g 2g & 3g just touch the Youtube tv icon and touch the search buttum or open Safari and type in the address bar

How do i get YouTube to work on my ipod touch?

Go to Settings >> WiFi to connect to YOUR wireless internet. Make sure it is not your neighbor's WiFi because he's paying for that and it would be wrong to take advantage. If you do not have wireless internet, you can either go to Starbucks, or you can get wireless internet in your home for pretty low rates from AT&T or Verizon or any other internet supplier.

Is YouTube free on the iPod touch?

Yes, YouTube is as free on an iPod touch as it is on your home computer. All you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi) and YouTube is just one tap away!

Can you put YouTube videos on your iPod touch?

Yes. First, you need a program called YouTube downloader that allows you to download YouTube videos by copying and pasting the URL link and the video needs to be downloaded into an iPod format

Can you get movies from YouTube on to your iPod touch?

Yes you can download youtube movies straight to your ipod or from computer. I'm sure you know the computer ways. But for stairght downloading you need to get download manager lite app from the app store and follow the guidance when you start the app.