How you get car ecu programming course?

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There's no such thing.
Go to an engineering college, where among other things, you'll learn to program in various assembly languages and design advanced circuitry. Perhaps then you'll be able to even slightly grasp what happens inside of a car's ECU. All of it is coded in a VERY low level language, which is required for applications where speed is crucial, so I guess you could start with a basic programming course.

An ECU programming course could/would not exist unless it's an elective at the engineering school you're attending, but even then the technology car manufacturers use for their ECUs are proprietary and you probably wont find out either way.
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Where is the ecu link on a car?

\nAssuming that you mean the OBDII port then it is typically under the bonnet / hood with a square plastic cover.

What cars came with a p28 ecu?

92-95 civic ex, si OBD1. i hear that the del so came with one in 96,97 si with the obd2a but that one is questionable.

What does ecu do to car?

ECU just tells the car what to do, when. its the brain. it usuallydeals with the engine, transmission, and other passive drivingthings like ABS and traction control. Very usef

What is ecu on a car?

Electronic Control Unit. Basically the ECU controlls all aspects of the engine management system on the vehicle.

How ECU works in Car?

ECU or Engine Control Unit on cars controls the engine on computer controlled cars. It uses a closed-loop control that monitors outputs of a system to control the inputs to a

How would a ECU help your car?

The ECU is the Engine Control Unit this is the electronic box in the car that tells the engine, transmission, brakes, airbags, multiple sensors and many more moving pieces of

How do you program VW beetle ecu?

No Beetle sold in The USA had a ECM The Beetle was sold as a fuel injected beast in some other countries, but the ECM in those units required removal of the chip and installat

What means flash program ecu in a car?

The ecu (or PCM) is the drivetrain computer. A flash update is justlike a Windows or Mac program update. The manufacturer has alteredthe code and it has to be installed on the