How young is too young for a baby to attend a concert?

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Usually a month is good. Still, it's best to get a babysitter (trade off with a girlfriend so no money is exchanged or grandparents) because babies do cry and they can interfere with the concert. If you have no choice but to take the baby and he/she is fussy, then leave the concert and go out into the lobby to try to calm the baby down.  Parenting and Children AnswerAt night babies belong in bed. Not crying in a concert. Get a sitter and enjoy a night with your husband. Also bear in mind that the noise level of a concert might be too loud for your baby.
Why take a baby to a concert??? The loud music can impact the ears of a child. My child is 5 and i don't take her to a concert.

I'm 23 and if my baby is fussy in the carseat then I will buckle her in tight
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