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Hvem er skogvokter på Galtvort i Harry Potter?

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Why was Harry Potter named harry?

JK Rowling knew a family named the Potter's as a child, and their little boy was called Harry. Later, while she was a train, Rowling remembered him and decided to name her mai

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Who is Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is a fictional character in the immensely popularchildren's book series written by J.K Rowling. Although the booksare classed as children's books, a large part of

What is Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is a story of an "ordinary" boy who lost both his parents in what he was told was a car accident. His parents were actually killed by a dark wizard called Lord Vo

What Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is 'The Boy Who lived' He is awesome & his best friend is Ron & Hermione & he's cooler than everyone

What does Harry Potter do in Harry Potter books?

Harry Potter was the wizard who ultimately defeated Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter, up to his eleventh birthday, was a small, thin orphan who lived with his uncle and aunt (of

How can you get into Harry Potter?

A thirst of knowledge would help you to enjoy learning about this series. Firstly I advise you to read all of the books and then watch the movies, but if you are not a good r

Where is Harry Potter?

Harry travels to a variety of places in the book series, including: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS The Dursleys A cottage on a rock Hogwarts Hogsmeade The Weasley'

Where is Harry Potter from?

Harry Potter was born in a fictional place called Godric's Hollow,  in England. At the age of 1 he went to live with his mother's  sister, his uncle and his cousin at 4 Priv