IPhone transfer contacts from blackbery curve to iPhone?

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From your blackberry ,copy all your contacts to your sim card. Then remove the sim from your bnlackberry and put it inside the iphone. On your iphone do the import sim contacts. To give you the step by step provess on how to do the sim importing go to the link http://nice-to-know-about-iphone.blogspot.com and search for the topic "how to import sim contacts" hope it will help
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Can you transfer contacts from your current mobile phone to your new iPhone?

They can do it at the AT&T store. But you have to have under like 230/250? contacts. It only takes a minute and it's really easy for them. If your current phone does not support syncing contacts to a computer, you can also (usually) bring the phone to your wireless carrier and have them transfer (MORE)

How do you transfer contact from other mobile to iPhone?

You can user free cloud service named PhoneCopy. For most mobile phones from Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Samsung and others it works native and for iPhone you can download free app PhoneCopy for iPhone. If you want to synchronize android you need PhoneCopy for Android and also if you want to keep (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone?

As of version 3.0 of the iPhone OS there is an option under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Import SIM Contacts. Obviously you need the sim card in the iPhone to allow this to happen Also be aware that if your iPhone is locked to a carrier, it will not let you import contacts from a d (MORE)

Transfer contacts from sim card to iPhone?

If you have Microsoft Outlook, then backup all your contacts to that. The iPhone will synch those contacts easily, and painlessly. Otherwise you will need to save the contacts to your PC via going to the store and having them save the contacts onto a USB drive in a pbb file. Then extract this with t (MORE)

How do you transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone?

Method 1: Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone withiTunes To transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone: . Make sure you have a folder of the photos you want on youriPhone ready somewhere in your documents first. . Open up iTunes and connect your iPhone. . It should come up on the si (MORE)

How do you transfer Yahoo contacts to iPhone?

With the iPhone connected to the computer: 1. Open iTunes on the computer 2. Click on the iPhone icon in the left side panel 3. Click on the Info tab 4. Under contacts change sync with to Yahoo. Solution without the need for iTunes sync: 1. Export your Yahoo contacts to your PC by l (MORE)

How do you transfer Palm contacts to iPhone?

\nIn Palm Desktop choose Export from the File Menu. The dialog box that comes up has three choices with pull down menus. For "Module" choose Addresses. "Items" includes the addresses you have chosen in your list--you should either clean up your list first or just choose all the addresses and clean t (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from palm treo 650 to iphone?

This wasn't as difficult as you might think. Although, it was frustrating at first because I couldn't find much consistent info on forums.. When we updated the sync between the palm treo and the PC, we had it sync with the Palm tool. I selected the contacts, and did an export to .vcf file type.. I (MORE)

How do you transfer Apple iPhone contacts to another phone?

put your iphone contacts into your laptop, pc, or macbook then sync your new phone. Keep in mind that there is a difference between transferring iPhone contacts to a new iPhone or to an Android. Links to solutions for both cases can be found below.

How do you transfer iPhone contacts to new a new yahoo account that has no contacts?

Watch the Video Demo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3K0kaod9TU iPhone Contacts Backup is a useful tool to export contacts from iPhone as CSV and vCard files for importing to other applications like: Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. This video tutorial will show you how to import iPhone Contacts to Yah (MORE)

How do you transfer iPhone contacts to a xenon?

Providers can help you to copy and transfer contacts. But can'tbetween different Providers. Some software tools fill the gap. Theycould transfer contacts and other data between any phone. Fullycompatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint andT-Mobile.

Can you transfer photos from your iPhone to your iPad?

yes you can here's how: turn on your iphone and go to all of your saved photos plug your iphone into your computer and and download them onto it then you have to save it in any file transfer the photos from your computer to a hard drive or flash drive plug your hard drive or flash drive (MORE)

How do you transfer iPhone contacts to a Mac?

iTunes can sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. . Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer, and thenopen iTunes. . In iTunes, in the left pane under Devices, click the icon foryour device. . In the main iTunes window, click the Info tab. . Select the Sync iCal Calendars check box, an (MORE)

How do you send contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

You go to contacts on your iPhone. Select a contact and click share contact. It should then ask mms or email and you choose which one and send it. I am not sure about receiving it, but I hope this helped : ) Go to the appstore. Search "memova" install the first free app for contacts sync. make an (MORE)

How do you transfer your Apple iPhone contacts to a PC?

Contacts are automatically synced from your iPhone to the PC; however, you can specify where you want them to sync to if you have a different program that you want to manage them with in the iPhone's Contact settings on iTunes (on the PC). With a connection cord. Plug in your iPhone. Go to the iP (MORE)

How do you backup iphone contacts and transfer them to PC easily?

Maybe you should go Discussion-Apple to look for what is iTunes user directions about how to backup your iphone. If you only want to back up iPhone contacts without saving apps or other settings, you can also use 3rd party software like CopyTrans contacts or the below mentioned Tansee iPhone Transf (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from an old Verizon phone to an iPhone?

You can transfer them using a PC, and a USB cable. MOST phones have software avaiable to do just what you're asking. Use the software (contact the phone companies concerned) to export your contacts from the Verizon to the PC, then from the PC to the iPhone. Alternatively - if they BOTH have blueto (MORE)

How do you transfer Contacts from a phone to an iPhone?

Sync phone contacts to iPhone, firstly add contacts into Outlook list if you are Windows user or import contact into Mac AddressBook, then open iTunes and connect iPhone to pc, sync contacts from Outlook or AddressBook to iPhone. Maybe you wanna transfer iPhone contact to pc, or sync iPhone contac (MORE)

How do you transfer songs from PC to iPhone?

U can just download itunes from apple.com and plug ur iphone in and sync your music. If you don't want to use iTunes you can also try iTunes alternatives. One that is free and works with the latest devices is called Copytrans Manager. I use it for some time now and just can recommend it.

Can I transfer a file from an iPhone to another iPhone?

If you want to transfer all the files and settings from one iphone to another (and overwrite everything): Go to iTunes>Click the iPhone name>Go to summary>Click restore If you just want to transfer one file you can use an app like "Everyshare" Of course, you can. Here is a way. 1 Download (MORE)

How do you transfer data from an iPhone to a computer?

Well it depends completely on you! You can either use iTunes/iCloud or to make the process more easy and convenient you can give a try to some third party tool as well like iPhone to Computer Transfer. Check the related link for more info.

How do you transfer your contacts from your HTC droid Eris to your Iphone 4?

Export the contacts to your sd card, connect the eris to thecomputer with the usb cord, set the phone to usb mass storage modeby pulling down the notification bar, choosing the notification,theb choosing mass storage, transfer the csv file to your computerhard drive, then you can upload it to any em (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from iTunes to iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to your PC, open iTunes and click on the device. Go to the Info Tab and choose the service that you want to use to synchronize your contacts with. Contacts that are stored on your PC in e.g. vcard format can be imported to Windows Contacts and synchronized over iTunes. Otherwise (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac?

There are four ways: 1) (Recommended) Use Apple's MobileMe service to automatically sync your contacts, e-mail, calendar over the web and access them online on any Mac, and download them to your Mac to use with Mac applications like Address Book and Mail. 2) Sync contacts to your Google accoun (MORE)

How can you transfer contacts from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Contact information that had been stored on an iPhone can be transferred to a Samsung Galaxy Tab by first transferring the data stored in the iPhone to an exchange account, set up through a website such as Google. Once the account has been set up and all data from the iPhone can be then transferred (MORE)

Can you transfer music from laptop to iphone?

I will simply concludes function of tunesgo retro: transfer filebetween iOS devices and PC/Mac, between IOS devices, between IOSdevices and iTunes (files includes: music, photos, playlists,movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U and audiobooks,contacts,emails,messages etc) And this apps c (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from an iPhone 4 backup to an iPhone 3G?

There are three ways... . iCloud (but the 3g does not support it) . SIM Card (but both phones must be unlocked) . Email - Press the share button on each contact individually andEmail it to youself. Then, open you Email on your new iPhone anddowload each contact on it. If you have made backup fo (MORE)

How do you transfer music from iPhone to iMac?

You can click on the Sync button in iTunes on the Mac (with the iPhone connected to the Mac) or wait for the release of Mac OS X Lion (possibly next week) and iCloud when the contents will be automatically shared between the two.

How do you transfer iPhone contact to Android phone?

There are several free software you can use for contact backup and transfer. For example, there is a software called WeChat, you can download it, sign up, then go to settings -- features -- contacts backup/restore. Then you can transfer contacts between smart phones (it also works for Windows phon (MORE)

How do you transfer video from iPhone to PC?

Here i recommend one of the best esay and fast way help you. 1.Run program iPubsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer and connect iPhone to computer First of all, you should download and install iPubsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer on your computer, launch it and then link your iPhone to this compu (MORE)

How do you transfer music from blackberry to iPhone?

I will simply concludes function of tunesgoretro: transfer file between iOS devices and PC/Mac, between IOSdevices, between IOS devices and iTunes (files includes: music,photos, playlists, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunesU and audio books,contacts,emails,messages etc) And this apps c (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Windows laptop?

A direct way to transfer iPhone contacts to your PC would be to usea 3rd party program such as FonePaw iOS Transfer or CopyTrans Contacts (link provided below). You can also use iTunes and transfer your iPhone contacts bysyncing your iPhone with the Sync with Option in the iTunes Info tab set (MORE)

Can you transfer apps from iPhone to android?

Android, being open source allows apps to be installed from external sources. However, you cannot transfer apps from one platform to another. iOS and Apple block their appstore and licenses and apps bought cannot be transferred over to a duplicate app on Android. The apps themselves cannot be tran (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from iPad to iPhone?

Go into Your Camera roll, and select all the pictures/videos youwant to transfer. Choose the option Airdrop and go into yourphone and swipe up from the bottom and leave it on. Go back to youriPad and the name of your phone should appear. Click on it and goback to the phone and accept it. then once (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from old iPhone to a new?

There are three ways to transfer contacts from old iPhone to a newone. You can sync the old phone to iTunes to import them then syncthe new phone to send them to the new. You do the same using theCloud with the old phone then retrieve them to the new. Or, you canuse an app called Bump to move them d (MORE)