IS Sergeant First Class an equivalent to IDF - Samal rishon?

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Great question, because in literal translation, the equation would be correct: "Samal" means "Sergeant," and "Rishon" means "First." However, in all branches of the Israeli military, the Samal Rishon rank is one step higher than the Samal rank. In other words, a Samal found worthy of promotion is moved up one rank to Samal Rishon. In the US Army and USMC, the rank that follows that of "Sergeant" is "Staff Sergeant." Israel's rank structure closely follows that of the US, with some fun exceptions that don't apply here. But more importantly, the Israeli "Samal Rishon"--while certainly an NCO (non-commissioned officer)--is not considered a Senior NCO like the (American or Israeli) Sergeant First Class. Thus Samal Rishon = Staff Sergeant, with all associated ramifications in terms of privileges and responsibilities. I'm very curious to find out how this came to be. After all, there is of course a Hebrew word for "Staff:" It's "Segel." So why isn't the Israeli Staff Sergeant called "Samal Segel?" Perhaps to confuse the enemy? So far, my research has not come up with a better answer than my tongue-in-cheek aforesaid one. P.S.: And, yes, I served as a Staff Sergeant....
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What is the difference between a sergeant first class and a platoon sergeant?

A platoon sergeant is someone who is responsible for the care and well-being of a platoon of soldiers. It is a description of a job. A Sergeant First Class is a pay grade (rank). It is also called E-7, and abbreviated SFC. Usually (but not always) the job of platoon sergeant is given to a sold (MORE)

What are the documents reviewed on the sergeant first class selection board?

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What is student sergeant first class?

There could be a couple different answers to this question, depending on context. If you're referring to a student who is involved in a cadet programme (it would have to be Army ROTC, JROTC, or an independent programme based on Army rank structure, as the Army is the only service with the rank of (MORE)

When will the FY10 Sergeant First Class board results be posted?

March 25, 2010 This is the release target date for the USAR AGR board, not the Active Army Component list. The target release date for AC is Mid April 2010 as per HRC. 25 Mar 10: Reserve Components: The Sergeant First Class, RC/AGR, Promotion Board Results (preposition date 18 Mar 10) were re (MORE)

Is a first class sergeant E8?

There is no such rank as "First Class Sergeant". You have either Sergeant First Class, which is E7, or First Sergeant, which, along with Master Sergeant, is E8.

Crest of a first class sergeant?

As for crests, what do you mean, exactly? On their uniforms (Class A), they would wear the standard US Army crest if they wore the brimmed hat. Otherwise, they'd wear their regimental crest on their beret (regardless of which uniform they wear), as well as on the epaulets of their Class A uniform. A (MORE)

Sergeant first class promotion list?

This list has been hush hush for some reason I know the QMP board met and the list is released late for some reason most CSM should have it by now but no one is saying anything we should know in a couple of days if you find out please send me a copy.

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I'd have to know what the order he violated was and who issued it, but if the SFC violated an order from a general he can get a dishonorable discharge and prison time; an order from a non-general officer can get the SFC a bad conduct discharge and prison time. This is not a good article for a senior (MORE)

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