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I am 37 weeks pregnant i am 2cm dilated 75 effaced last wk i was 1 cm my cervix was just soft when will labor start i think i lost my mucus plug this morning?

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If you lost your plug, you should contact your ob/gyn right away, and make plans to go to the hospital.

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Im 36 wks almost 37 wks pregnant what does 1 centimeter dialated and 75 effaced mean and how soon can i go into labor?

  It really dont mean anything i was dilated at 1 cm for 4 wks and 3 days until i was finally induced with my first. But everybodys body is different so there really is no

I am 37 weeks pregnant with my second child 4 cm dilated and i am 80 percent effaced will labor start soon?

Im 37 weeks and dialted almost four as well, but my doctor told me that it is perfectly normal for woman to walk around up to 8 cm dilated. Every woman is different and when b

37 weeks dialated to 2cm lost mucus plug and having contrations?

  Losing a mucus plug can occur several weeks before you actually deliver. It is not a sign of labor or pending labor. You will know when your contractions are true when

If your cervix is dilated 1 cm did you already lose your mucus plug?

  Not necessarily. The term"losing the plug" is a bit of a misnomer. The phrase makes it sound as though the plug is in place, and then, once lost, it is gone. I am 42 wee

You are almost 39 weeks pregnant and at your last dr appt you were 1 and a half cm dilated and 50 percent effaced now you are having really bad period like cramps could you be starting labor?

  yes. labor to me felt just like period cramps. i did not even recognize it was labor, got to the hospital 30 minutes before my daughter was born. no time for the epidura