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I am a Walmart associate. How do I file a short term disability claim with the Hartford through walmart benefits?

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I am having a bladder operation the end of this month that is going to keep me from work for 60 days. I am wanting to know if I qualify for short term disability during this time
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What is the job description for a Walmart day stocker associate?

It's called a Consumables Associate now. But, it's stocking shelves, assisting with register when called for it, helping create end caps and fixtures. Also, bringing all the p

What is the dress code for walmart deli associates?

I work in the deli at my local Walmart. We are required to wear a  blue shirt and khaki or brown pants, like any other associate. We  also have to wear either a hair net or

Does mass have short term disability?

Massachusetts does not have state mandated short term disability. You can get coverage through your employer. Just ask them to make a voluntary short term disability policy

Can you claim disability benefit for cervical spondylosis?

One with Cervical Spondylosis can qualify for disability.  Qualification depends on the line of work one is in and the  severity of the condition.

Is there short term disability benefits from New Jersey state for teachers?

The NJ Short Term Disability insurance program is mandated for people who work in NJ for Private employers. Government employers are exempt from this mandate. Most teachers

Can you get short term disability insurance if you are pregnant and have coverage through your fiance's company and did not elect short term disability at open enrollment with your employer?

Answer   Its sort of like wanting to buy Life Insurance after you die isn't it? I am sure you can get SDI but not to pay you when you take maternity leave.   There are

What does a Walmart asset protection associate do?

They walk around in plain clothes and look for shoplifters. Depending on the camera system installed they may use those as well

What is a Walmart?

It's a discount department store that belongs to the Walmart Corporation of Bentonville, Arkansas. These come in three varieties:     Walmart Discount Stores have large

How do you extend short term disability?

Short term disability has a defined benefit that ends at a specified time. For example your policy may have a 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, or 24 month benefit period. If you