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I am a Walmart associate. How do I file a short term disability claim with the Hartford through walmart benefits?

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I am having a bladder operation the end of this month that is going to keep me from work for 60 days. I am wanting to know if I qualify for short term disability during this time
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Does walmart ship through mail?

Well, they ship to homes.  I'm not sure whether they use the US Post Office or UPS or FedEx.

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Essentially, you will scan items and ensure that they go where they  need to go, fill out and file paperwork, and process waste  materials. Beyond that, you will be doing a

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DO not DO it you will hate it and basically you push carts that's it some times rarely do a carry out and the managers are always watching you and no one else

How do you get to Walmart?

Wal-Marts are located all over the United States (and perhaps all over the world... not sure.) I would try Google Maps.

Can you get laid off during a short term disability claim?

Assuming it is a legitimate layoff (and not done for discriminatory reasons... for example, BECAUSE you are disabled), it is indeed legal in most circumstances to lay off an e

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Walmart operates in 27 countries around the world under various names: ASDA in the UK Best Price in India Seiyu in Japan Walmart de México y Centroamérica in Mexico
In Walmart

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How do you check your CIGNA short term disability claim status?

Call 1 800 238 2125. Give answers to your SS number and birth date. They give out limited answers like "your claim is active" in computer answers, no real person is talking to