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I am making an Invader Zim video for YouTube and I was wondering where to go to find clips from the show?

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Try Nick Toons at the link below .
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Why was the show 'Invader Zim' cancelled?

no one really knows. some of the most likely causes are, one, bloody gir. bloody gir is an image of gir covered with blood. jhonenvasquze wanted to put bloody gir in an episod

Is Invader ZIM a good show?

It depends on what you think is good, but in my opinion, it's one of my favorite shows. Invader Zim comes from the planet Irk, and is the worst one of the invaders. As a joke,

What is the show invader zim about?

The cartoon Invader Zim is about Zim who is an alien invader from the Irken empire who was banished (for destroying Irk) who along with his idiotic robot Gir, repeatedly attem