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I am visiting the USA can i shop tax free?

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Most states in the US have a sales tax. Oregon, Delaware and Montana do not have sales tax. See this:
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Does pa have tax free shopping?

No!! no... i live in pa and there is a tax of 6% Wrong. There is no tax on clothing and shoes in Pennsylvania everyday of the year.

When is tax-free shopping day in Massachusetts in 2010?

August 14th and 15th On August 14 and 15, 2010, there will be no tax charged to individuals who are buying items that costs less than $2500 per item. MA House votees in fav

What is the tax free threshold in the USA?

The tax free amount for a dependent on another taxpayers income tax return filing the 1040 federal income tax return is 950 of unearned income. Some of the different types of

What day in Florida is a tax free shopping day?

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, August 13-15 During this period, no sales tax will be collected on sales of books, clothing, footwear, and certain accessories selling for $