How do you setup dsl router with wireless router?

Setting Up a Cable/DSL Router With Wireless . You plug your wireless into dsl router (you'll need to configure your router), and then configure your computer to the wireles (MORE)

How do you connect the wireless router to a dsl modem?

via ethernet cable. then go in your web browser and type in the default ip address for your router OR run the setup program that came with your router. Default Ip addresses: (MORE)

Is peoplepc DSL compatible with wireless router?

Yes. You must first make sure your DSL modem is just a modem not amodem and a router. Then you must setup your DSL modem in "bridgedmode". Next log into your router and change (MORE)
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What are the advantages of a DSL wireless router?

DSL wireless has been established to be slower than cable modem networking. However, it still ranks higher in customer satisfaction because it holds advantage such as a lower (MORE)