I have a clay sewer pipe running from the main line in the basement floor. It is all cracked and doesn't appear to be in use. What could have been the purpose of this pipe and can it be removed?

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This may be an old sewer system probably going to a septic drain field. Before you discard this be sure you have a working potty draining system.
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How far can a basement toilet be from the main sewer line?

if you are fitting a maserator unit like Saniflo you can gohorizontally up to 100 meters or vertically up to 4 meters but youmust have a 1 in 200 gravity fall on the horizontal there is no certain distance it can be from the main. it alldepends on the fall and how deep your sewer is, however it does (MORE)

How do you connect a vent pipe to the horizontal branch and main pipes running below the toilet floor of a high rise commercial building?

The toilet should have a 3" drain coming from the toilet and has to leave the room some where. When it passes the wall you can put a 3"x 2"x 3"sanitary tee( which should be going with the flow)and have vent stack running along the interior of the wall this may involve tearing out the drywall. Then j (MORE)

How do you locate the main drain in a home that is 3 years old with 3 black pipes sticking out of the corner of the floor in the basement?

I know this might be cheating, but you can always contact your local water company and tell them that you are planning to do some digging for some project (make up something plausible!) and ask if they will let you know where all your underground pipes are so you won't damage them while working on y (MORE)

Which is better and will last longer when replacing main sewer drain lines - cast iron pipes or 4 PVC pipes if the plumber gave you a 3-year warranty on the cast iron and a 1-year on the PVC?

Answer . \nI can't imagine the plumber only giving 1 year on the PVC. Cast iron is rough on the inside and those rought spots can snag paper, lint, etc, eventually leading to blockage. PVC should last much longer and be less susceptible to blockages from material getting caught on the inside wall (MORE)

Can a washer be installed in the basement with the drain line going upwards connecting to a sink or shower drain instead of having to jack hammer the floor to connect to the main sewer drain?

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to come up with a method for making water drain uphill.You can, however, purchase a pump that will send the water up to your existing drain. Answer I am thinking that the person who asked this question may have beenrefering to the drain line going up hill in a (MORE)

What kind of pipes are used for steam lines?

Answer . Heavy weight mild steel with screwed fittings bspt.. Answer . Normally galvanized pipes are not used for steam. Mild steel with screwed or welded fittings are the norm. Pressure and temperature are very important factors to be considered in what type of materials to be used. Steam ev (MORE)

What would cause a sewer smell to fill the basement when there is no noticeable leak in the toilet piping?

Do you have a sink or basin in your basement? If so, and it has not been used in quite a while, the water in the "S" pipe could have evaporated, allowing odors from your septic system to come up through the pipes. That is the purpose of all drain pipes having the "S" shape.. Many codes do not allow (MORE)

How do you replace sewer pipes yourself?

The way you ask this question is too broad. Which part of your sewer pipe needs replacing? Exposed pipe in your basement or crawlspace is too simple for you to be asking about. If you mean the sewer pipe that connects your house to the city sewer (generally under the street) you have a big tas (MORE)

How do I fix a leaking pipe in the basement?

1- What kind of pipe Gas, water ,waste ? Water 2- What type of material black steel, copper, brass, cast iron PVC, ABS, galvanized ? Cast iron 3- Joints Soldered, welded ,threaded, glued, soldered, brazed, compression ,flaire , Caulked, No Hub , MJ? don't know

How can you install all new pipe for a new toilet and new sewer line that goes to a four inch cast iron main line and connect the toilet properly with running water and pressure?

Please take note that is a difficult task and should be carried out by a qualified plumber only. Furthermore, connecting an existing water line to a new toilet is fine as all inlets are standard and will give adequate pressure. As far as the the outlet is concerned, depending whether it is a straigh (MORE)

Can you use galvanized pipe for a gas line?

Yes, galvanised pipes may certainly be used. Making sure that the threaded joints are well sealed, however galvanised piping can be tricky and sometimes difficult to install. Copper pipe is so widely used and preferred because of the soldered joints, you are guaranteed a leak proof joint and much ea (MORE)

Why use steam trap in pipe line?

To keep the steam in the system and allow the cooler condensate to return to the boiler to be reheated and start the cycle all over again

How is a pipe clay triangle used?

A pipe clay triangle's use is similar to a gauze mat; to steady/hold apparatus on a tripod while usually they are being heated by a Bunsen burner. .

How do you unfreeze sewer pipes?

The easiest way and safest to thaw sewer lines is the use of a water Jetter with warm water NOT hot as you do not want to thermo shock the pipe

How do repair collapsed main sewer clay pipe?

You must find where the pipe is collapsed usually by snake in till you hit the break or uncovering the pipe till you find the break. Cut both ends of the break with a saw or chain cutter so you have a nice smooth end. Install a rubber coupling on both ends slid onto your clay pipe. Measure and (MORE)

What could cause a sewer gas smell coming from the drainpipe where the washing machine drains when using the machine Washing machine is on second floor Plumber check drain pipe and OK?

There is usually a trap--"U" shaped pipe on all drains that stays full of water to block gasses from coming in. It could be the trap is not staying full of water. It could also be you're pipe is dirty. It happened to our washer drain a few years after we installed. We dumped a bottle of draino in th (MORE)

Inside diameter of clay sewer pipe?

Diameter of clay sewer pipe are dependent on the manufacturer and the nominal diameter of the pipe (generally ranging from 4" to 30"). For one manufacturer's specifications see: http://www.loganclaypipe.com/pp_pipespecsdata.html

Why are sewer pipes capped after is removed?

To prevent "dead ends" which is a line 24" or more that is not vented. Also the plugging /capping of sewer /vent lines is used to prevent toxic fumes from escaping or allowing debris to enter the drainage system

Color of pipe used for water line?

Pipes containing potable (drinkable) water will be colored dark blue. Those carrying settled or clarified water will be colored Agua (lightish blue). Pipes containing raw water (not for drinking) will be colored olive green.

How do you remove an asbestos coated sewer pipe?

If I were doing it and I have, I would cut the asbestos with a utility knife, carefully peel the asbestos off, put it in a trash bag and throw it away. I can't get excited about a little asbestos. If you are around it all day every day, yes, you run a risk of it affecting you. A one time exposure I (MORE)

My washer and dryer are currently in my basement and I would like to install it on the main floor but don't know how to install the pipes for the drain to still go into the basement drain?

Without knowing the layout or type of drain pipe and location, it is impossible to give a good answer. Drill a hole in the floor and run the drain with PVC. Drains should fall 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch for every foot of distance. Horizontal distance. There may be a drain line that is closer to the first (MORE)

How can you clean out sewer pipes?

Your drains run slow when it is clogged even after many trials itwont stop.Also after you flush there may be sound of water for muchtime in such cases there is a need to call for sewerline repair services as they will inspect the blockagesby video inspection method and then decide which method to be (MORE)

How do you get slope for sewer pipe?

First you must calculate the fixture unints that are needed then based on the FU you can then increase the soil/ waste line to allow the needed pitch for the fixture unit value

Why do sewer pipes overflow?

Normally drainage piping over flows because 1- a stoppage /blockage 2- under sized for drainage fixture units conected 3- back pitched or poorly installled

What is the purpose of a sewer pipe?

The purpose of a sewer pipe is to collect waste from drains and peoples homes and transport it through the sewer system to the sewer plant. There it is treated and the water is recycled.

What is the purpose of a clay pipe?

The purposes of the clay pipe are used for sewage that generated by hydrogen sulfide , drainage, make clay tobacco pipes and also used in sewer gravity collection mains.