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I live in California and just purchased 2 lots in Arkansas and 2 lots in Texas. do I need liability insurance until there resold?

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Absolutely! You could be held personally lilable for any thing that happens on that land.
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Can a vehicle be recovered by a repossession agency working for the lender and the car be placed on the lot and resold without the borrower being notified in Texas?

Answer . Not sure of TX law, but in AZ there is a 10 day right to cure period. In other words, a repo'd vehicle in AZ cannot be sold for 10 days after repo.. Answer . I

Do you need liability insurance for a vacant lot you own?

It is not required by law, but yes, I would recommend it. Say for instance there are some dead trees on the lot that you probably should have maintained, and these trees fall

Who sells Liability insurance for clearing a 9 acre lot?

I have a 9 acre lot in Riverside Cal. and I need to hire some help to clear the lot off. It has a great deal of trash and junk left on it from the previous owners. I need liab

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You are the mother of a 17yr old daughter who now resides in Arkansas you live in Texas the car was bought and registered in Texas and do you have to change liability insurance from Texas to Arkansas?

Yes, If your Daughter has taken up "permanent residence" in anotherstate, then the law requires that we all register our vehicles andget insurance and licensed in that state.

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Money is an odd thing. What can be bought today with a given amount could have bought much more in the past. The shilling was pre-decimal coinage in the UK and in many comm