I live in Illinois my then husband we were married at the time received an insurance check made out to both of us. He signed my name. Is this illegal the check was for 6k if that matters?

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Usually the bank needs a writen paper with your signature for proof that you were allowing him to cash your check. Your husband was doing something against the law, watch out, he pay get into trouble when the bank, state, and government go through all the papers and such each year.
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Is it illegal or tax fraud if a woman files single and head of household using her parents address while being married and living with her husband?

Answer . \nTax fraud is illegal and the action described would fit into that category. \n. \nThe IRS is very aggressive and very good at prosecuting persons who are foolish enough to attempt to defraud the U.S. government.\n. \nPenalties for knowingly and willfully filing a false tax return an (MORE)

If an insurance company made a settlement offer and a check was to be written when they realized they were not the at-fault's insurer at the time of the accident are they still liable?

Answer . NO, They are not liable if their insured was not at fault or was not their insured regardless of whether a check had already been written or not. In fact should they have issued a settlement check and later determined they were not liable, The insurer can demand a refund of the settlemen (MORE)

I received IRS insurance refund checks after my Dads death all in his name bank won't accept altho I am on joint account?

Answer . Your being on the joint account allows you to withdraw the funds not cash your father's checks. You should inquire at the local probate court to see if there is some type of petition you could file to obtain the power to cash the checks. You may have to file a petition for administration (MORE)

Is it illegal or tax fraud if a woman files single using her parents address while being married and not living with her husband?

The IRS would probably consider it both illegal and a tax fraud if you were to file like this. The only real thing you should be able to be prosecuted for would be 'Perjury', or 'telling a lie' in other words, because when you sign any tax forms they are done so under penalty of perjury. No oth (MORE)

Insurance check signed fraudulently?

Not enough info given to answer. Signed by whom? What does the questioner believe constituted the fraud? What kind of specific info are you seeking?

Can you sign your husbands check if you have separate accounts?

There are two ways to answer this question.. both of them are no. 1) If writing a check from your husands account, the signature in the bottom right hand corner needs to be his. No one else is allowed to sign the that corner except for the account holder. If you are both on the account then both or (MORE)

How do you check an auto insurance company name by policy number?

If you take it to your insurance company they should be able to locate the policy number be reading the letters. My son was involved in an accident with someone who did not speak English. The police gathered the man's information and my son assumed that the name of his insurance company would be o (MORE)

Is it illegal to check cheating husbands emails?

Lets do your homework before its already to late. Late is nothing if you not take action now. There are few don't and do here. 1st : Is this his personal email. then please proceed. No legal action unless he really file a sue and involved the email company. I bet he wont. Don't if that is his (MORE)

Can a check made out to a husband and wife be signed only by the wife?

No. Both have to sign the check. A bit more: Unless the laws on this have changed since I worked in banking, an exception to this is if the husband and wife have a joint bank account, then only one of them can endorse (sign) the check if they deposit it directly into their joint account.

Do you have to use check from insurance to fix auto?

If you haven't paid the vehicle off, then you must repair the vehicle with the insurance check. If you don't owe a bank anything, you are not required to fix the vehicle. Keep in mind, if the vehicle has unrepaired physical damage and you get in another accident the insurance company will not give (MORE)

Can the auto insurance check be made out to me?

If the claim is one for property damage and the insurer is paying for the repairs, the check is usually made payable jointly to the body shop and the insured. If the claim is one for damages for bodily injury and the insured was represented by an attorney, the check is normally payable jointly to t (MORE)

How can you check if there is life insurance in your name?

If you suspect that you know the identity of the insurer, you can contact that company and inquire. The insurer will want you to adequately identify yourself, so be prepared with full name, SSN, address, etc. If you or the person that you think bought the insurance had a relationship with an insuran (MORE)

What recourse does a contractor have when they have performed the work and the insurance company has issued the check in their name and the insureds name but the insured will not endorse the check?

The insurance company sought you fit to complete the job and by issuing the check I'm going to assume you did the work at a high workmanship standard and fulfilled the contract. Take them to court and take them to the cleaners you'll get way more that what your owed seize property do it all Fellow c (MORE)

Can you receive the Insurance Times in the US?

Insurance times is a publication that originates in UK. It does not appear that there is any option to receive the paper copy in the US, however you are free to access the content on the website at any time.

Could a spouse cash a husbands auto insurance check for repairs?

No. The check must be endorsed by whomever the check is made out to. This will be the insured on the policy. If the spouse was not the named insured on the policy then she cannot legally endorse the check unless he gives her power of attorney or if he is deceased and she is designated as administrat (MORE)