I rent a home with a detached shop that I run a business out of. If my car damages the building and my business contents will my comprehensive pay for my assets and the landlords building?

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Renters Insurance No. Your renters Insurance Policy is personal lines residential tenants coverage. It should provide coverage for your "Personal Property" and may have some liability and personal injury coverage as well.

Your Renters or "Tenants Policy" would not cover your business property nor the property of another person. Your landlord is expected to have his own property coverage.

If you need coverage for your business property you would need to pick up a business owners insurance policy. Your personal lines residential rental policy would not cover your business property.
 Answer You'd have to examine the contents of your vehicle insurance policy to determine what would be covered.
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If a parked car is damaged in a hit and run on a business private property and the accident is caught on tape who is responsible and can the business be responsible?

Answer . If the videotape shows a license plate of the car causing the damage, that is your best resource. File a police report and maintain a copy of the videotape for evidence.\n. \nChances are, since you're asking the question, there is no way to identify the vehicle that hit your car. In mo (MORE)

How can i Build business credit?

The first step to helping build business credit is to register fora D&B D-U-N-S® Number, which is a unique, 9-digitidentification number for your business. This can help you toestablish business credit without using your personal credit.

Can I build a wooden staircase in a business?

Short answer… maybe.. Long answer… It is possible to use wood in commercial as well as residential construction. The driving factor is the "Building Type". Building Type is used to describe the types of building materials that can be used and where they can be used in construction.. If (MORE)

If I rent an apartment as second home close to my business can the rent be deducted as business expense?

\n. \nYes you can deduct as an expense if you use the apartment for business purposes. Basically, you are using the apartment as a business "tool" just as you lease a car under a business and write that off. \n. \nThis is a good question and a question also as to the traveling distance from the p (MORE)

Do you have to pay rent if you landlords home gets foreclosed?

You are liable for the rent you have agreed to pay -- to the landlord until the property is no longer legally his, then to the bank. Most states permit you to break your lease at the time of foreclosure, but this has no bearing on your responsibility to fulfill the obligation you have accepted with (MORE)

Do you have to pay business rates on portable buildings?

That depends on when you intend to move the building. If it is a portable building that becomes permanently resident of fixed in a location for a long time the valuation office may value the premises and therefore business rates would be payable. If the building is move around often & particularly i (MORE)

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Can you run a business from home?

If you want to run a business from home then at first you must plan what kind of business you want start off with. Running a business from home can be done very easily provided you have a proper set up at home. For most home businesses, house is only used as a place to receive and make outgoing ph (MORE)

How did the telephone build business?

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What business can be easily run from home?

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Can you run a business out of your home?

Some businesses can be run from your home. It depends on the type of business. Outsourcing is one type of business. Alternatively, you may wish to build your own website based on specialist or hobbiest knowledge. You need a computer and an Internet connection of course if you want an online presence (MORE)

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Can you claim home rent when home business?

Depending on the type of home business you are operating (for example, daycare) it is possible to claim the rent as part of your business expense. If only part of your home is utilized to conduct business (for example, home office), then you can deduct a certain square footage of your home as a busi (MORE)

Is rented building fixed asset?

A rented building is not an asset. The lease hold improvements may be a depreciating asset (depending on the definitions in your area)

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If you're the boss make sure workers like you. Pay them good,but keep some for yourself too. Depending on the business make sure you're product(s) is something that everybody wants. Don't make too little,and don't spend a FORTUNE doing so.Or you'll go bankrupt. If you need a loan,make sure you're ab (MORE)

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How can you build your business?

find a niche that you can fill by providing a service. Save enough money or find investors to get you started up and then use a percentage of your profits to expand. Now you are building your business.

How do you run a home business?

First of all, do not pay anyone to start a small business. Take the time to learn the business, create a business plan and obtain start up money. There are no shortcuts to doing this. You can, however, get free help from SCORE, which is a nonprofit, volunteer group that is pleased to help mentor you (MORE)

How long has Morton Buildings been in business?

"Morton Buildings has been around since 1903, so more than a hundred years! When they started, they were called The Interlocking Fence Co. In 1946, they became known as Morton Buildings."

How much does a small business pay for rent?

Rent payed for businesses is a very ambigious terms. Assuming you are buying one in the country i dont think your business will do too well espcially since no one ever drives past (unless you sell lemonaid but i hope that isnt your business). While im saying tis it occurs to me you probably want an (MORE)

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1. Have fifth teen ppl helping u make it 2. Have a name for it 3. Put it on a tv show 4. Make sure its in a safe plc 5.keep the money in a safe plc it cant be taken 6. Have four police in it 7. Have big rooms 8. Think about what kind of job i will be 9. Make a parking spot 10. Have 42 workers 11. Ha (MORE)

How to build a small business database?

The easiest way to build a small business database is to setup Microsoft Access on your business or home computer. From there you take down your clients information and store it in a way that you can better keep track of it.

What types of damages does buildings and contents insurance cover?

Building and content insurance coverage can be bought individually or together as a package. Building insurance covers damage to the building such as damage to the roof, walls and floors. Contents insurance on the other hand, covers damage or loss to the personal contents that are contained in the (MORE)

How can one build business credit?

One of the most successful ways to helpbuild business credit is by first registering to receive a D&BD-U-N-S® Number. Once registered, a business can build and monitortheir D&B® credit profile and scores through Dun &Bradstreet Credibility Corp.'s credit building products.

How can one build a Business Network?

To build a business network it is like a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.

How does someone build a business website?

You can build a business website by hiring a web designer to do it for you. Alternatively, you can do it yourself. You can learn how to build your own business website at the eHow website. Once on the page, type "How to build a business website" into the search field at the top of the page and press (MORE)

How can one build up business connections?

Building business connections is crucial in setting your business off on the right foot. One of the main things to aim for is to have a record of everyone's names and addresses, among other details that may be specific or necessary to the business you are trying to build. It is important to find har (MORE)

What a landlord pay for damage that rents cause to their apartment?

The landlord is always going to have to pay some of his money torent out their property: when a tenant moves out and has left theplace undamaged, there still will be expenses to pay before movingin new tenants, such as painting, spackling, changing outappliances if necessary, and re-carpeting. They (MORE)