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Did Benjamin Franklin want to revise the articles of confederation?

At the Constitutional Convention during the summer of 1787,  Franklin agreed with the other delegates that the Articles of  Confederation were an inadequate system for gover

Where can you download a HELB loan application form?

Forms are available on the Higher Education Loan Board's official website. See the Related Link below for more information.

What is a forms application?

It is a computer application built by creating forms and then writing code to make the form and its components work. On the form can be buttons, text boxes, radio buttons, che

Why did President Wilson want to revise the tariff system?

During his first term, Wilson secured one of the most notable  legislative programs in American history. The first task was tariff  revision. "The tariff duties must be alte

How do you download IPO application forms in Bangladesh?

The official site of getting update of IPOs in Bangladesh is www.dsebd.org. But the application form there is buried in the prospectus and sometimes hard to find. Easier way

Preview Application for Mac Download?

The Preview application is part of the Mac OS X install and will be found in the Applications folder. If it has been removed for some reason it will have to be reinstalled fro

How do you revise?

To revise means to review a piece of work, correcting errors and improving the quality. The unrevised, original work is a "draft." The revised version is a "revision."