I want to paint my unborn nephew a painting to hang in his nursery i dont know what to paint though what are some cute baby boy stuff to paint?

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Zoo animals like a giraffe, lion, monkey, zebra or an elephant are quite popular in nursery artwork or also a dinosaur especially for boys.
Also a trains, cars or sports for boys.
And letters and numbers, too.
If you know the boys name you can also add it to personalize your painting which makes your gift more personal.
Why don't you go on google.com and do a photo search for nursery paintings or nursery artwork there. You'll get tons of suggestions and examples there.
Good luck!
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Can you paint your nursery while pregnant?

I wouldn't paint anything while pregnate no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in....It is not good on the health of the baby, or at least I have allways heard to never paint,or be around sprays or anything while pregnate...its hazordous for the baby.... Answer There are certain paints that y (MORE)

What do baby painted turtles eat?

Answer feeding baby painted turtles Young painted turtles in our pond in Maine were fed tiny bits of lettuce from the farmer's market and raw hamburger via tweezers with great success. I have 7 baby painted turtles, I feed them bits of raw chicken, pieces of fish I've caught at the lake like brim (MORE)

How do you care for your baby painted turtle?

Well you have to have a UV Light, a Turtle Dock, a Filter, a Heater, and at the least a 10 gallon tank. You need 1 gallon per inch of turtle. I have two baby painted turtles and they eat "Baby Shrimp and Krill" and eat alot each day. You should get some plants and gravel to put in the tank too. Turt (MORE)

Is it safe to paint around baby?

It is not always safe to paint around a baby. The chemicals in thepaint can irritate the baby, or the baby may have a reaction to thechemicals. Keep the room well ventilated as you paint so when youdo bring the baby back home, the room will be aired out.

Can a unborn baby be harmed by painting?

As long as the room is well ventilated - allowing plenty of freshair, the baby should be fine. If you are dizzy from the fumes -that is an indication of lack of air - the baby may need fresh airat that point too.

What is painting?

Painting is taking a liquid-like material of different colors (or you can mix different colors) and putting your thoughts and ideas on paper.

What is this painting?

Painting is a form of art. It is a blend of colors that expressimagination, emotions, mind of an artist.

What is in paint?

in paint there is pigment,binder and solvents.pigment is to make the colour of the paint,binder is to protect the sufface that it is put on ans solvents are just in it to make the pain up.

Is painting around babies safe?

House-painting or art-painting? Art would be perfectly safe. House-paints might be dangerous if they give off particularly strong odours - many paints have 'volatiles' in them, and these can be dangerous to humans if the area being painted is not properly ventilated. Water-based paints, such (MORE)

Why do you paint?

We paint because it improves the look and feel of our home. It adds character and personality. To improve the appearance of your home, both inside and outside. To increase the value of your home, and to modernize the appearance of your home. This website goes into a lot of detail, with information I (MORE)

How do you get a baby paint brush?

There really is no way to get a Baby Paint Brush free. You can buy one in the Hidden Tower or bid on one in the auction house. There are some ways to Hack, but you'd need to go to youtube.com

How do you get baby paint brush?

Go to the market and click on a shop. Then scroll down. You should have a list of things, some paintbrushes. Click on the sign that says paint brushes. Scroll down and choose one to buy. If there are no paint brushes in that shop, go back a choose another shop!

If you want to paint on top of photographs what type of paint do you use?

I have no special knowledge in this area, but I once knew someone who used regular artists oil paints to paint on photographs. I would assume you could also use acrylic paints, except they dry faster making them a little harder to work with.. Another Answer: The above is correct. Marshall's Photo (MORE)

Can you paint with latex paint with a baby in the house?

Yes, you should have no problem painting with latex paint with a baby in the house. Most latex paints being sold today are low VOC, and if you are still concerned, there are plenty of zero VOC paints out there to choose from. Check out the related link below.

Your walls have been painted gloss and want to paint them Matt?

You can do one of two things. Either take a sanding pad or a finishing sander and sand the gloss off the walls. The goal here is to give the matte paint something to grab hold of. Be sure to wipe down the walls afterwards with tsp (tri sodium phosphate) & water, rinse and let dry before painting. We (MORE)

How small are baby painted turtles?

The baby painted turtles in my area (The Outer Banks of NC) are about the size of a half dollar. As a matter of fact I almost ran over one a couple of days ago when I was mowing grass. Fortunately I saw him and was able to stop, move him out of harms way and go about my business :-)

What do you feed your baby painted turtle?

Baby painted turtles are mainly carnivorous at such young ages, so a commercial food product such as Wardleys or ReptoMin is normally suggested. Remember that turtles can develop problems if fed too much protein including shell deformities and internal organ stress (and in severe cases failure). A g (MORE)

Do baby painted turtles shed?

Painted turtles will shed their scutes (thin layer on shell) but not their skin. Usually most turtles only shed about once a year.

I want to pain my room but i dont know what colors to paint it?

To paint your room, you must consider several things . your favorite color(s) . specific images you want . what matches your furniture/carpet . what color(s)/pattern(s) you will still like in several years, and . the psychological effect of the colors. Blue is good for bedrooms, see http://fr (MORE)

How does car paint affect an unborn baby?

Good question. I know regular paint does so I assume that car paint would. My thought on this if there is a fume the possibility exists that it could. Better be safe than sorry.

How do you get paint?


What is The Boy of The Painted Cave about?

it is about a young boy named Tao with a clubbed foot who has been dreaming to be a cave painter. he soon meets a wolf dog who he names Ram and together they help each other survive from the mountains-that-walk and the dangers of his clan.

Where are Robyn Kahukiwa paintings hanging?

I've seen one in Lincoln University (Christchurch) if that helps but I dont know about the rest. This particular one was commissioned especially for the uni and was done in 1993, it's called Maori but still Comely.

What famous woman painted babies?

Bessie Pease Gutmann painted babies. She did adorable paintings of cherubs and the artwork in one of the Alice In Wonderland picture books too.

How should a boy paint his nails?

Watching a girl doing it and learning. Some girls are really playful about nai polish and aren't waiting anything but a boy asking them paint his nails.

Does latex paint bother baby?

Latex paint should be applied in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to open a window or turn a fan on in the room when applying the paint. After a couple of days the smell of the fresh paint will go away. Then it will be fine for the baby.

Why do you have paintings?

The purpose of painting is to show the beauty of your mind to others. painting is on of the most creative work.

How do you know if a painting is oil or normal paints?

if someone painted with oil paints it would take a long time to dry up *hense the name* and also it is preffered that noone touches it due to the result in which it can get wrecked, it also looks more porfessional and realsitic if someone painted with noraml paints it would dry up much faster and i (MORE)

How do you know if walls were painted with oil or water paint?

You can use denatured alcohol to check to see if latex paint is on the wall. Rub a rag moistened with denatured alcohol onto the surface. If the paint melts and is removed by the rag, you have latex. If it just cleans the area, then it is probably oil. It could also be epoxy or xylene based, but tha (MORE)

Is it safe to paint a baby bassinet?

Babies are known for putting everything in their mouth, or trying to chew things if that is not possible. Therefore, when painting any baby item it is necessary to use baby safe paint, such as TimberSoy or SoyCrete.

What is this paint?

To accurately answer this question I have to know the type of the paint and possibly its color.