If you are 23 and you want to let the dad who raised you adopt you how do you go about this?

Take it to the courts, at 23 it will be easy. Call the county court house and have them transfer you to the correct department. You can fill out the appropriate paperwork and (MORE)

You want to get adopted how do you if someone who can adopted you?

1st of all , Think about this completly. 2nd, think for a few more days. About why you want to be re-adopted, Why you don't want to have the parents who already adopted (MORE)

How can you find out your adopted?

The answer varies quite a bit from place to place. Often you have a right to the information when you turn 18 or 21. Other places, the records remain closed tight. Here are (MORE)
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Is it wrong to date an adopted cousin?

yes .....................................In my eyes no, so go for it. well since they r adopted than i guess it ok but that is a little wierd............

Can you get married to your adopted cousin?

Depends on where you live bit in most countries you can marry a cousin adopted or not. If you are not first cousins but second, third etc it's rarely illegal. We know today th (MORE)