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In fact there are a number of movements within Judaism. The three main ones are: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. Within Orthodox Judaism there are several 'sects', and while of course all Jews share the same core beliefs, the groups may disagree passionately on other issues. Judaism as a religion has always encouraged debate and discussion. There is also Progressive Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism, but these are not as large or influential as the three major movements outlined at the start of this answer. And the groups/movements are 'fluid' in that any Jew can walk into any Synagogue, in any country, and immediately feel at home, even if they are not part of that particular movement. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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What are the different sects of Judaism?

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What is one of the main sects of Judaism?

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What are the different sects in Judaism?

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What are the four basic beliefs of Judaism?

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What are the main sects of Judaism?

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Are there sects and divisions within Judaism?

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What are the four central beliefs of Judaism?

The four main central beliefs and teaching of Judaism are   Monotheism   Following God's Law   Equality and Justice   The Importance of Study   Answer 2 

Was Christianity a sect of Judaism?

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What are the four holy books of Judaism?

There could be several answers to this question. It could refer to the books of the Torah, of which there are five (though some traditions holds the first four were dictated b
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Who are the four fathers of Judaism and why?

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Does a conversion to Judaism by one sect have validity in all other sects?

Adding somewhat to the response from Prioktan 918, while Orthodox  Jews are most likely to accept a conversion supervised by Orthodox  rabbis, the Conservative movement is m