If Kawasaki Heavy Industries has office in India?

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries has office in India?
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What is heavy industry?

heavy industry is manufactured goods such as machinery,mining equipment, and steel

Uae office contact numbers for doosan heavy industries?

hey for doosan industries & construction there is offical website named http://www.doosanheavy.com. for Dubai area website is http://www.doosanheavy.com/eng/1/sub1_07_204.h

Are heavy industry bad for the world?

It's not that easy. Sure, heavy industries cause a lot of pollution. But at the same time we couldn't live the way we do today without heavy industries, so it'd be hard to say

What are the industrial applications of heavy water?

Heavy water can be used to make titanium. Titanium is used to make many things, from jewelery to automobiles and self-powered lighting. Titanium is becoming a more common su