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If Sweden was neutral could warring nations have espionage rings operating in Stockholm at the time?

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This information is taken from Wikipedia:"The Allies were also collaborating with C-byrån, the Swedish military intelligence. Sweden allowed Allied spies to listen to German radio signals from a station on Öland, and in Malmö a location was established for British military to lead bombing actions in Germany"
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Why was Sweden neutral during World War 2?

They didn't want to get involved and Germany couldn't overtake them. %REPLIES% Answer Sweden wasn't in any position to take sides at the time. They had a small, antinquated

Why was Sweden neutral during World War I?

Answer . They did not go into war, because they did not have a lot of people to fight with.. Also, there was no reason for a small country, like Sweden, to be in a war bet

How did Sweden remain neutral during World War 2?

Because Sweden was north of all the European combat zones, they weren't in anyone's way, and were not attacked. It's easy to remain neutral as long as no one is attacking you.

Why were Sweden and Switzerland neutral in World War 2?

Neither Sweden nor Switzerland would be able to hold of Germany, and a swedish/Swiss entry to WWII wouldn't have changed anything. Sweden had a policy of neutrality since mo

What policy kept Sweden neutral in World War 2?

Swedish neutrality refers to Sweden 's policy of neutrality in armed conflicts, which has been in effect since the early 19th century. The policy originated largely as a re

Where is Stockholm is it in Sweden?

Yes it's the capital city of Sweden and it's really beautiful as well as really pricey. it's like in the middle of Sweden

Why was Sweden neutral in cold war?

I haven't researched... But I believe that Sweden feels that it doesn't have to be anything but neutral. It had no reason to pick a side. If it was forced, it would probably p

When was the last time that Sweden was in a war?

1814. During the Finnish Winter war 1939-1940 however Sweden did not declare itself neutral but non belligerent which means Sweden did not actually take part in any fightin

Where is Stockholm Sweden?

Sweden is located in northern Europe, east of Norway. Stockholm is located in the southeast portion of Sweden, on the Gulf of Bothnia. Finland is directly across the gulf. 1

Why did Sweden stay neutral during worl war 2?

In the previous century the Swedes chose to be "eternally" neutral. Their nation had been in too many wars. They chose to be neutral and stay neutral. During the war Nazis cam