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If a 17 year old got a 14 year old pregnant what can the 14 year old parents do to the 17 year old guy Even if the girl really likes the guy?

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Well you may have to go to court for the baby! If I got prego then my mom would just have a talk dwith that guy no court nothing! To tell you the truth I am 14 too! My friend I really like is 17 and he already should be a daddy! You would just have a talk cause you are still under 18 nothing to derastic! LOL
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What do you do when a 14-year-old girl thinks she is in love with you and you are 17 and her parents happen to like you?

Answer . \nRun fast and far! Seriously, you could be put up on "Statutory Rape" charges if her parents find out. Girls (or boys) of that age have "crushes" and it is quit

Is it ok for a 14 year old girl to have a relationship with a 17 year old guy?

\nIt all depends on how you personally feel about the relationship. Does it feel right? Are you comfortable when your with the guy/girl? Although only problem with having a su

Can you put childsupport on a 14 year old guy when you got pregnant at 17?

no because the dudes a minor yet. . If you live in the US… Minor or not, as a parent he has an obligation to provide support for his child. You can petition for child su

If a 17 year old guy got a 14 year old girl pregnant and the parents don't care will the 17 year old boy get in trouble?

No, because he is not overage. If he was 18 it would be considered statitory rape whether the female gave permission to have sex or not. **** If you live in the US… It

Can 16 year old guy like a 14 year old girl?

yes, i dont see the harm in a sophomore going out with an eighth grader when seniors in high school go out with freshman in high school... its basically the same thing

What do 14 year old girls like in guys?

I like guys that talk to me and notice me and are not afraid to be themselves! I also like it when they TRY to make me laugh! I always laugh anyways! When they are sweet an li

What would happen to a 17 year old who got a 14 year old pregnant?

It will vary according to the laws of the state or country that they are in. It could be considered a sex crime in many places, but some locations have close in age exceptions

How does a 14 year old girl tell if a 19 year old guy likes them?

To be honest, I would be very careful of a 19-year-old guy who's paying a lot of attention to a 14-year-old. IF he likes you, the next question is -- will he like you when you

What do 14 year olds like about guys?

well... being a fourteen years-old myself i think i can give you a fairly basic idea of what most girls like in a guy. - sweet - full of humour - works out/ good at at leas

What to do if a 17-year-old boy likes a 14-year-old girl?

age is mind over matter, if you dont mind then it doesnt matter. put yourself out their, im sure that she is going to want a older mature BF, but just remember that when gi