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If a bankruptcy was discharged four months ago do you have to turn over your upcoming tax return for the year to your trustee?

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No, if your BK (assuming this is a Ch. 7) is discharged, the money is yours. The only time you would have to surrender the refund is if you were expecting a refund during or shortly thereafter from when you originally filed.
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Do bankruptcy officers investigate tax returns for the years following a discharge?

Answer . \nTrustees have the power to audit personal tax returns for a specific period of time as was established at the time of the BK discharge. This is not common practi

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Can your bankruptcy be revoked if you do not turn over the money to the trustee?

Absolutely! You understand that in YOUR filing you begged for the Court to take the actiona, incl a trustee take car of things, don't you. They are on your side! What he wants

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